We test Beauty products!

Difficulties with the purchase decision? No problem, this is where we come in. The STTB researches and tests exciting trend products from the beauty sector every day. In addition, we work together with a highly qualified cosmetics institute that is always there to advise us.

The awareness for high-quality products increases

Current surveys and investigations show that more and more people are placing a particularly high value on the quality of the various products and that health plays an increasingly important role alongside perfect appearance. Of course, we have also taken this to heart and incorporate this fact into our tests.

We reveal the secrets of cosmetics

Many products always promise the blue of the sky. Of course, not everything that glitters is always gold. We're talking about the so-called fake products, which have numerous positive reviews of their own, but afterwards in a real test it quickly becomes clear that these must also clearly be fake reviews, which nowadays can unfortunately be bought for little money.


We want to expose exactly these products and separate the wheat from the chaff. We want to find out which products really deliver, what they promise and which are pure waste of money. We will also find out whether these products are even harmful instead of helping or caring for them, whether they really deliver the desired result and whether they are really so easy to use.


We want to enlighten our readers right from the start and show them exactly whether the products are really what they appear to be. This is found out not only with the help of our testers, but also through cooperation with a special cosmetic institute, which helps and advises us with every test.


Our latest reviews


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Miralash Lash Serum

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Hairplus Eyelash Serum

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