Dense and long eyelashes with Aphro Celina

The look on the eye almost makes one or the other person lose his mind. But long and thick eyelashes must not be missing. However only very few people enjoy really beautiful eyelashes, so that more and more women and also men help with special means. The solution can be the Aphro Celina Eyelashserum to finally make this problem a thing of the past. Because even the strong make-up of the eyelashes cannot achieve such an effect as the high-quality Aphro Celina Eyelash Serum.

By using this eyelash serum regularly, the dream of long and thick eyelashes can finally come true for you, because even after removing the make-up, you may want to impress with a perfect look. By the way, eyelash serum can not only be bought in pharmacies or at make-up dealers. Internet retailers such as Amazon also offer you a great selection.

What is the Aphro Celina lash serum?

Aphro Celina Eyelash Serum is an easy to apply and effective medication that contains the active ingredient Prostaglandin F2 Alpha to stimulate the growth of lashes and hair. Eyelashes should not only become longer, but also thicker. Women who suffer from particularly bright eyelashes or eyebrows will also notice an improvement. Thus the light eyelashes and eyebrows gradually appear darker, so that many users could do without the mascara after only a few weeks of application.

How does the Aphro Celina lash serum work?
When used correctly, the following effects can be observed:

  • Lashes become longer
  • Denser eyelashes
  • Darker eyelashes
  • Gaps in eyebrows are closed

How to use the Aphro Celina eye lash?

The Aphro Celina Eyelash Serum is very easy to use, although the manufacturer's information is of course always very helpful. This is a typical eyelash serum, which is stored in a small and elegant bottle and is therefore particularly long-lasting. The serum is applied once a day to produce the fastest and most effective effect possible. The application itself works similar to an eyeliner and is done on the eyelashes themselves.

It is important that you carefully apply the Aphro Celina Eyelash directly to the roots of the individual eyelashes. Before application, please make sure that your eyes are completely removed from make-up and cleaned, not only the eyelashes, but also the skin around the eyelashes. So please remove make-up completely beforehand.

The amount of serum on the brush is sufficient for both eyes. However, you should take care not to take too much serum at once. Since it is liquid, something could drip down otherwise. In addition, you don't have to wipe the brush off the edge of the bottle. It is important that you let the skin or the eyelashes dry after applying the Aphro Celina Eyelashserum everything nicely in peace and do not make up your eyes now. However, drying may take some time, so you should include this in your planning in order to achieve maximum results.

Some users apply the eyelash serum twice a day, hoping for faster and better results. However, the manufacturer does not recommend using the serum more than once a day. Furthermore, due to the time required, it is always advisable to use Eyelash Serum in the evening, so it can be absorbed for a long time while sleeping. It is also recommended to use the serum on a daily basis.

Good to know: The Aphro Celina eyelash serum can also be used on the eyebrows and also allows great results here. For example, any gaps in these small hairs can be filled or light eyebrows become slightly darker.

Are any side effects to be expected with Aphro Celina?

If you take a closer look at the numerous Aphro Celina eyelash serum experiences, some users report that there is a slight burning and stinging at the beginning. However, these side effects are very normal and can also be observed with other products such as Artdeco or Prolash. However, if the eyelash serum gets directly into the eye, it should be washed out immediately, for which warm water is best suited. Of course, it is always important that the manufacturer's instructions are carefully read in advance and that you adhere to these instructions. In this way some side effects can already be avoided from the beginning. In addition, intolerances can of course also occur in humans, but these are very rarely observed.

For whom is the Aphro Celina Serum suitable?

The special eyelash serum can be used by all adults and can be successful in the desire for long eyelashes as well as thick eyebrows. Of course, it is always important to take a closer look at the ingredients to see if there are any intolerances. Whether people with too bright eyelashes, which you have to make up again and again, or people who only have very short eyelashes, in both cases the serum can help to make these problems a thing of the past.

Even those affected who have only a few lashes can finally make them denser. It also doesn't matter whether users wear glasses, contact lenses or even artificial eyelashes. Even after chemotherapy, such an eyelash serum is recommended to accelerate the growth of the eyelashes and thus bring some normality back to life. In the case of allergies and pregnancy, however, the manufacturer advises against its use in order to be on the safe side.

Where can I buy Aphro Celina eyelash serum?

If you want to buy the high-quality Aphro Celina eyelash serum, you will find a large selection of different variations of this serum on the Internet. Especially the big retailers like Amazon and Co. offer a great selection. Especially the Aphro Celina eyelash serum with a content of 3ml is very popular and has always been rated with many stars.

No wonder, because here the interplay of effect, durability and price-performance fits. In contrast to many other products from this area, the Aphro Celina eyelash serum is rather to be classified as cheap in purchasing, so that this is also worthwhile for beginners to test the effect and application as well as the tolerability in advance and then to decide whether one would like to continue this therapy or not. Those who want to try this product will be enthusiastic about the effect and will soon be able to do without mascara and eyeliner.

Reasons for eyelash problems

More and more people suffer from hair loss, but not only the main hair has to be affected. There are many reasons for this and of course it is also important to have a doctor examine you in such a case. There are several health reasons. The metabolism can be to blame that hair and eyelashes fall out, but also in the age of healthy people can be observed that the hair becomes thinner. No wonder, because the hair loss is additionally hereditary. The hormones change and also the nutrition often does not fit as it should and can contribute to the eyelash loss.

Too much stress at work, a lack of vitamins or minerals as well as environmental reasons are frequent reasons in addition to hormone fluctuations. However, all these causes can be combated, and it can take a long time for an improvement to occur, so that the use of a special serum is also helpful here. Of course, there are many other reasons, but Aphro Celina Serum with 3ml or more can also be the perfect solution for this problem.

These are the 3 biggest mistakes around eyelash tinting

Beautiful eyelashes are just as important to us as beautiful hair and good skin and play an important role in perfect make-up. Those who do without fake lashes and stick to their natural lashes trick with mascara.

If you already have super long eyelashes thanks to eyelash serum (or good genes), then you don't really need to mascara them anymore and it's enough to dye them. We clean up the most common myths about eyelash tinting.

Eyelash tinting: The 3 biggest mistakes

Expert Marina Sulzer enlightens us. She is head stylist at RefectoCil, the professional for eyelash and eyebrow tinting, and has been tinting browses and lashes for 10 years.

Myth 1: Hair colour can be used for eyelash tinting

Nope, please don't! For eyelash tinting, you should use a colour specially developed for this purpose. Colours for the hair are clearly stronger and nothing for the sensitive eye area.

Myth 2: Eyelash tinting lets the eyelashes fall out

No! Also frequent dyeing does not let the eyelashes fall out. There is no need to worry about the hydrogen peroxide contained in the paint. Because while it is used for hair dyeing in a strength of 10% for bleaching, eyelash dyes use the chemical only with an intensity of one percent. When purchasing eyelash dyes, however, you should make sure that the product has been tested and is subject to the regulations of the EU Cosmetics Directive.

Myth 3: Mascara should not be applied after eyelash tinting.

Bullshit! After tinting you can treat your eyelashes like before. So it is no problem to make them up. By the way, a special styling gel can also be used so that the colour lasts longer and the eyelashes are cared for.

By the way: The colour in the eyelashes lasts 6 to 8 weeks. Great not only for make-up-free days, but especially for holidays.

Eyelash-Extensions: 7 reasons to decide against it

I admit it: I have always wished for long, thick and dark eyelashes. But somehow girls with false eyelashes were always the ones for me who also do spray tanning, have artificial nails glued to them and do Brazilian waxing.

In short: eyelash extensions don't really suit me. Nevertheless, I couldn't let myself get away with having permanent eyelash extensions stuck to me once in my life. And I learned from that…

1 Everyone has an opinion about “fake lashes”: Of course, the eyelashes attract attention (although I hadn't even decided on the “drama” variant). I often heard positive comments. But more often: “Artificial” was one of the nicer names for my eyelashes.

2. the beauty virginity is taken away from you: Already before my false eyelashes I knew: If I dare this step, I will never be happy again with my own hairs. Too little, too short, not dark enough. With artificial eyelashes I really noticed how inadequate my own eyelashes actually are. After my extensions were completely gone after a few months, I had to get used to my own eyelashes again.

3. the neck not fully get: If I can make such great artificial eyelashes, then perhaps I can also have beautiful artificial nails made? And what about my hair on my head? They could be even longer? And, and, and…who ever starts to artificially embellish himself – no matter how natural – wants more!

4. big eyelashes bring big responsibility: Tomorrow first of all rub the eyes overslept, put the contact lenses simply into the eyes or wash the face? Not with eyelash extensions. Any rubbing or washing will cause the artificial hairs to fall out.

5. in-the-mirror-guck-syndrome: Maybe not everyone gets that way, but I noticed that my artificial eyelashes made me look in the mirror at every opportunity. Of course, the change is enormous. But all the Selfies were a bit embarrassing in retrospect.

6. the last survivors: Eyelash extensions are great at first. And then quite terrible. As soon as the glue comes off after a few weeks, the first eyelashes fall out. For me the starting signal to fumble around with the last surviving eyelashes and to pluck out the last hairs. Not without tearing a few of my own eyelashes to my death. And so I looked unfortunately afterwards also around the eyes: somewhat plucked.

7. the price is hot: if you decide for artificial eyelashes like me, you have to reach deep into your pocket. An initial treatment costs around 300 euros. Afterwards the eyelashes have to be glued again and again. This also makes the wallet around 150 euros easier. An investment that should be well considered.

Anyone who now says: “But I think my eyelash extensions are really great is certainly not wrong. Probably permanent artificial eyelashes are a matter of type. For some, they fit perfectly. For me, the experiment of eyelash extensions started at the back.

With these unusual tricks your eyelashes grow faster

Long eyelashes and a sexy look – that's what many women want. We have the best tips to help you grow your hair faster.

1. The right care

It sounds so banal and yet it is the be-all and end-all for long eyelashes: the right care. Thick layers of mascara and the removal of make-up in the evening put a heavy strain on the eyelashes. This leads to the small hairs breaking off faster than we can react. Normally eyelashes can be up to twelve millimeters long. But in the rarest of cases they actually reach this length. It is often the beauty routine that is to blame. Therefore: Always be very careful when removing make-up and do not rub your eyes too hard. It is better to gently brush in one direction with a cotton pad. Then spread some vaseline, olive oil or eye serum over the eyelashes. This makes them soft, elastic and protects them from breaking off.

2. Eyelid massages work wonders

What we have known for a long time about the splendour of our hair on our heads also works on our eyelashes: we are talking about a massage. Regular massages on the scalp are supposed to stimulate the blood circulation and thus guarantee a better nutrient supply for the hair follicles. The same applies to the eyelashes. So if you want to cheat yourself a few millimetres, you should (very carefully and with shortened fingernails!) gently massage the base of the lashes. If you repeat this regularly, you will notice changes after a few weeks. The hair should not only grow back faster, but also stronger. In order to support the nurturing effect, you can apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips beforehand.

3. Olive oil for more length

Olive oil on the eyelashes? What sounds like a fat film, fly legs, eyelashes and glued eyelids is actually a real insider tip for long eyelashes. Apply a few drops to an eyelash brush and apply to the hair every evening before going to bed. If there is still a thin film of fat the next morning, dab it off with a cotton pad and some cleaning fluid. After about six weeks the first results are visible. By the way: By the daily application the oil “colors” the hair even darker. An extra plus.

4. Green tea for more eyelashes

We have often reported about the many health-promoting ingredients of green tea. The hot drink also plays an important role in beauty. It is especially helpful for those who want thicker and stronger eyelashes. The contained flavonoids and tannins strongly stimulate hair growth. Put on a green tea, let it steep for at least 15 minutes and wait until it has cooled down. Take up the liquid with a cotton pad, wipe over the eyelashes and rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure for several months until the desired effect is achieved.

5. Serum for wow eyelashes

They are probably the discovery of the century for all fans of full, long and sweeping eyelashes: eyelashes. The various products have suddenly appeared on the market, especially in the last two years, promising successes of up to three extra millimetres. We have already confirmed in several editorial tests that there is a lot of truth in this. So if you want to be sure that you will get much longer and thicker eyelashes, you should take a serum. By the way, you can see the best success after about six weeks.

Vaseline for the eyelashes

Not only with flirting a skilful look at the eyes works wonders. It can also be helpful in numerous everyday situations to support facial expressions with an expressive look. But the magic look only works if the beautiful eyes are framed by a neat, dense lash line. Unfortunately, not every woman is equipped with long, thick eyelashes.

In a completely natural way, the hairs around the eye can be stimulated to grow with a household remedy. Castor oil and VASELINE are best known for the care of eyelashes. It is not possible to grow eyelashes to infinity with the help of Vaseline, but by strengthening the small hairs, eyelash loss is prevented.

Vaseline is so popular not least because it is inexpensive to buy. Moreover, no fragrances have been added to pure petroleum jelly. White paste is preferable to yellow paste as it is of higher quality. It has been almost completely freed from unwanted polycyclic hydrocarbons.


Vaseline is a paste whose raw materials are left over from oil production and are processed. It consists of solid and liquid hydrocarbons and has an ointment-like consistency. The white paste is often used as a household remedy for long eyelashes:

  • Because Vaseline wraps itself around every single hair like a film, it strengthens the delicate lash hairs.
  • Despite daily make-up with mascara, vaseline hair does not fall out as quickly and therefore has longer time to grow.
  • The eyelashes become longer and thicker.
  • In addition, the greasy Vaseline moisturizes the lashes.
  • The before and after effect cannot be overlooked when using Vaseline.


With Vaseline eyelashes can maintain anyone. There are two different variants available:


In the evening, apply some Vaseline to a cotton wool pad to remove make-up from the eyes.

Carefully rub the greased pad over your make-up eyelashes without applying pressure. The white paste removes the mascara from the fine lash hairs.

Repeat the process until the cotton pad is no longer discoloured after cleaning the eyelashes. Then you have freed the small hairs around the eye from all ink residues.

At the same time, the Vaseline leaves a wafer-thin film on each individual lash, which helps to strengthen the fine hair.

After removing the make-up, a cotton swab is dipped into the vaseline potty.

Then the excess paste must first be spread on the edge of the pot and then again on an absorbent paper handkerchief.

Then the greased cotton swab can be rubbed over the eyelashes as if it were an eyelash brush for mascara.

Both the upper and lower eyelashes are treated with Vaseline.

If anything of the greasy paste has caught your eye, it should be rinsed out immediately with plenty of cold water. Vaseline, which gets onto the skin around the eye, can be wiped off with a cosmetic tissue or a cotton cloth.


In addition to Vaseline, there are other household remedies that are used for eyelash care and to increase eyelash growth:

RIZINUS OIL: The oil from the seeds of the miracle tree promotes lash growth and ensures long, thick lashes. Find out how to treat your eyelashes with castor oil here: CASTOR OIL FOR THE EYELASHES

MANDELÖL: High-quality almond oil can be purchased in pharmacies. It supplies the fine hairs around the eye with vitamins and minerals. Read more about it on the page: MANDELÖL FÜR DIE WIMPERN (MANDEL OIL FOR THE EYES)

OLIVE OIL: Olive oil also has numerous nutrients to offer the eyelashes. In addition, it provides a beautiful shine. It can either be applied with a cotton swab or it can be mixed into the mascara and so automatically cares for the hairs of the eyelashes with every eye make-up.


Vaseline is not only used for the care of the eyelashes. The neutral paste also serves as a basis for creams and ointments. Both the cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry use it as a base material. Vaseline makes brittle lips soft and supple and transforms rough working hands into tender hands. In very cold weather, it is applied to the face to protect the skin.

7 Home remedies for long eyelashes

Long, dense and curved – our eyelashes not only give your face more expression, they also take on important protective functions. They protect the eye from dust, dirt particles and small insects. They lead drops of sweat away from the eye and offer the eye protection from intense sunlight. Their appearance is determined by a wide variety of factors. DNA, age, certain medications, eye health, hormonal changes and daily nutrition determine the length and density of the eyelashes.

There are several things we can do to increase the growth of our lashes in a natural way. As with scalp hair, it can take weeks to months for a change in eyelashes to become visible. Depending on what nutrients the body needs most to increase lash growth, more than one of the following tips may be needed to help the lashes grow.

Note: The frequency of make-up can affect the effect of the following tips. Since the skin around the eyes is very thin, make-up and eye shadow quickly clog the small skin pores. Mascara, on the other hand, is very heavy on the eyelashes and causes them to fall out or break off more quickly. If the eye make-up stays on at night, the eyelashes cannot regenerate and grow optimally. The result: the eyelashes are thinned out, lose their natural colour and the growth of new eyelashes takes more time.

Healthy nutrition

A nutrient-rich diet is one of the essential aids for growing long and strong eyelashes. Just like the hair on the scalp, eyelashes need special vitamins and minerals to grow. Vitamins A, B, C and E, proteins and the minerals selenium, magnesium, iron, zinc and copper are essential for hair growth.

Food for long eyelashes: – Fresh fruit, such as mangos, apples, papaya, grapefruit and avocado. – Green vegetables, such as kale, cabbage, broccoli and spinach. – Vegetable proteins such as pulses, nuts, seeds, beans and alfalfa sprouts. – Oils such as extra virgin coconut oil, olive oil and sesame oil.

A lack of essential vitamins and nutrients has a big influence on the growth of the eyelashes.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is considered one of the best home remedies to stimulate the growth of eyelashes. Olive oil is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid. Both stimulate the growth and strength of the eyelashes and at the same time ensure their dark colour.

To apply the olive oil, simply dip a clean old mascara stick or cotton swab into warm olive oil and gently dab the oil onto the eyelashes (or mascara the eyes as usual) before going to bed. Leave the oil to soak overnight and wash off the next morning with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure daily for several months until the desired result is achieved.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a powerful, follicle stimulating and nourishing oil. It stimulates the growth of shiny and voluminous eyelashes. It also helps combat microorganisms that hinder growth.

Before going to bed, apply castor oil to the lashes with a clean brush or cotton swab. Leave on overnight and wash off the next morning with lukewarm water. Repeat the procedure daily for at least 2-3 months until the desired result is achieved. Note: Castor oil can also be mixed with a few drops of olive oil and then applied.

Coconut milk

The coconut milk has an antibacterial, anti-inflammatory effect and gives the eyelashes a beautiful shiny appearance. It also helps to strengthen and prolong them.

Dip a cotton swab into coconut milk and apply to the lashes. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off with warm water. Repeat the procedure 1 to 2 times daily for several months.

Green Tea

Green tea is very rich in flavonoids and tannins. Especially the flavonoids stimulate the natural growth of the eyelashes and provide for more thickness and strength of the eyelashes.

Simply prepare a cup of green tea as usual (without sugar) and leave to cool. Dip a cotton swab into the tea and moisten it like eyelashes from root to tip. Let the tea work for 15 minutes and then rinse the eyes with cold water. Repeat 2 times daily for 2 to 3 months. Note: Green tea should not get into the eyes!

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Gel is rich in numerous skin protecting and nourishing properties. It also provides several nutrients that stimulate the growth of the eyelashes and moisturize them at the same time.

To apply Aloe Vera Gel, simply apply some fresh gel to an old clean mascara stick and mascara the lashes before bedtime.

5 Unusual Tricks for Long Eyelashes

Three things are important for a film-like look: the density of the eyelashes, their colour and their length. Density and colour can easily be achieved with the right mascara, which is applied several times over the fine hairs. Long eyelashes, on the other hand, are difficult to cheat. If you don't want to extend your eyelashes with “fake lashes” or eyelash extensions, you can use these five natural tricks to get long lashes:

1. long eyelashes with olive oil

Olive oil is considered an insider tip to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes, as it is rich in vitamin E and oleic acid – two active ingredients that stimulate the growth and strength of the eyelashes. Great side effect: The oil also tints light eyelashes darker when used regularly.

It is best to dip a clean, old mascara brush or cotton swab into warm olive oil and dab gently on the eyelashes before going to bed. This allows the active ingredients to work overnight. If you have an oily film on your eyelashes the next morning, dab it with a cotton pad. Repeat the procedure daily for several months until the desired result is achieved.

2. long lashes with green tea

Thanks to its ingredients, green tea is not only healthy for the body, it also supports the growth of the eyelashes, strengthens the fine hairs and allows them to grow back thicker. This is mainly due to the two ingredients flavonoids and tannins.

Boil an intensive green tea (let it steep for about 15 minutes), let it cool down and absorb the liquid with a cotton pad, which you then gently wipe over your eyelashes. Then rinse your eyes with cold water. Repeat until the desired effect is achieved.

3. long eyelashes with Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is also known for its nurturing and nourishing properties, which ensure long lashes. The sap of the plant contains nutrients that stimulate the growth of the lashes and at the same time provide them with moisture.

An Aloe Vera gel is best applied to the lashes by applying it to a cotton swab or old, clean mascara brush. Also apply before going to bed and leave on overnight.

4. massage eyelids for long eyelashes

A gentle massage of the eyelash attachment stimulates the hair metabolism, promotes blood circulation and thus ensures a better nutrient supply to the hair follicles. The eyelashes not only grow faster, but also become more robust due to the regular circular movements.

Use coconut oil for the massage – this makes the eyelashes shine and smells wonderful. Apply oil to the fingertips and gently massage the eyelids in small circular movements. For a particularly beautiful result, the massage should be performed daily for 5 to 7 minutes and repeated several months in a row.

5. long eyelashes with the right care

On average, eyelashes are between eight and twelve millimetres long – how long exactly is determined by genetics. However, very few people actually get the most out of their genetic predisposition because the eyelashes often break off or fail due to incorrect care. Therefore, be particularly careful when removing make-up and always stroke the cotton pad in one direction: from the base of the lashes to the end of the hair. After removing the make-up, the eyelashes should be cared for with moisture, for example with vaseline or olive oil.