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We at Shop The Trend Boutique (STTB) have set ourselves the task of testing numerous beauty products from the cosmetics sector, presenting them in detail and offering readers genuine added value.


Before an article is published, all the articles presented are thoroughly and thoroughly tested, because this is the only way we can form our own opinion. This applies, for example, to creams with different effect promises, serums or pills.


Our STTB team tests the tolerability, the effect, the ingredients and also the application, dosage and side effects are presented in detail in all guidebook articles.

We want to ensure that our readers feel completely informed and that no questions remain unanswered about the various products. We want to keep up with the times and test the beauty products according to the target group so that we can always answer any questions that arise.


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The STTB Team


Our team currently consists of 11 female testers who are always looking forward to testing new beauty products for heart and kidney. Their task is to order a large number of products and then test them extensively on themselves to find out whether they really live up to their promises.


There are also 7 influencers in the STTB team.


After extensive testing, all the information is passed on to our copywriters, who work it out and then place it in a guidebook. In our team of five copywriters you will also find our head of the author team, Wilhelm Walter.


Wilhelm Walter has already published numerous detailed works in the world of health, which have even been internationally recognized. And we are also very proud to be able to work with him.

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