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When you meet for the first time, there are a few very specific points that you look at first. For example, men first perceive a woman's lips and then her eyes. If these are surrounded by charismatic eyebrows and shine thanks to a dense and full lash line, the first glance becomes an unforgettable experience with a light smile. However, in order for the look to look like this, some things are sometimes necessary, which doesn't mean that a bunch of mascara can already do its job. Full eyelashes and a great look make an impression.

Alterra serum

However, this is not so easy with some ladies. An eyelash serum can help here. But only if you catch a good product. It gives the eyelashes the expression you want as a woman and can influence both density and length with it if necessary. In this guide we have dealt with the Alterra eyelash serum and would like to take a closer look at the experience with the product in addition to the subject of ingredients. In addition, we report how it can be used and why you should not only consider a test when choosing the right lash serum.

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When Alterra lash serum might be a solution for you

When you think of the morning look in the mirror – What do you look at first? Is it possibly your skin? Many women first check whether a pimple has pressed through their pores overnight. Others, however, have something completely different in mind: Your eyelashes! As a rule, this is the case with ladies who always complain about sparse eyelashes anyway. Of course you could go there now and simply brush the eyelashes with mascara. There are products on the market that literally cover up the sparse eyelashes. But this is not the solution in the long run. An eyelash serum, on the other hand, might be an approach to treat your problem. Many products on the market promise a thicker lash line and seemingly longer lashes. The Alterra lash serum, which you can buy from Rossmann, promises both. It can also be used for the eyebrows. The serum has a gentle effect on the eyelashes and provides them with the right nutrients they need to become full and beautiful again. Accordingly, the product may be right for you.


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Why eyelashes actually fall out

Maybe you're wondering why your eyelashes have become so sparse. There are many reasons for this. Some of them you can't get out of the way so easily. Which makes it all the more difficult for them to grow back again. So can come for an eyelash loss in question:

  • a fluctuating hormone balance
  • unfavourable environmental conditions
  • massive stress
  • a lack of minerals or vitamins
  • heredity

In all cases it is possible to remedy the situation. However, the methods available do not always deliver what they promise. For example, the pill is not always a solution to a woman's uneven hormonal balance. Likewise, the stress present cannot be reduced over some periods of time. In many cases, however, it is also the case that the lack of minerals or vitamins is decisive. Because our body needs them in so many places and corners that sometimes there is simply nothing left for the eyelashes. Therefore they go out empty and simply fall out.

And where does the eyelash serum start?

In order to explain why the eyelash serum can be useful here, first a small excursus: A hair, i.e. also the eyelashes, are located on the body within a follicle. This is located under the skin and ensures that the hair grows, regenerates and later also falls out. This life cycle takes a certain amount of time. However, if your life is full of stress or unfavourable living conditions, the cycle can be shorter. It is quite normal for a certain number of eyelashes and hair to fall out every day. However, if this number exceeds the normal level, light spots appear. The same is true for the head. The eyelash serum, on the other hand, ensures that the follicles receive the correct nutrients directly on the eyelashes. In this way it can regenerate itself, promote the growth cycle and regrow healthy lashes. The same applies to the length: If the eyelash serum creates a good basis in the follicles, the life cycle of an eyelash can last longer and thus it also becomes longer overall.

The ingredients of Alterra lash serum

Of course it is also interesting to know with which ingredients the product works. This may also help to determine whether the product is effective or not. The manufacturer indicates the following ingredients:

  • Organic Bamboo
  • Organic Guarana Extract
  • Organic Caffeine
  • Organic Jojoba Oil
  • Organic castor oil
  • vegetable keratins

He mentions that the product is pure vegan and can be regarded as certified natural cosmetics. The fact is that keratins always help hair to become stronger. Because hair basically consists of nothing else. Keratin therefore covers the eyelashes and gives them a new strength. At the same time, new, regrowing eyelashes are also coated with the substance and thus last longer. The extracts, the caffeine and the oils make the eyelashes appear smooth and well-groomed. The regeneration is better promoted. Thus new eyelashes develop faster, which can grow back fuller and longer.

How is Alterra eyelash serum used correctly?

Many products on the market need to be applied several times a day, or at least twice a day. With Alterra Eyelash Serum, it is best to clean your face well in the evening. Then apply the serum generously to the eyelashes and let it soak in overnight. The advantage: The serum does not have to struggle with make-up and can be absorbed deep into the layers. In addition, the serum is not suitable as a base for mascara, which is why an additional application in the morning does not make sense. It is also important that this procedure is used over a longer period of time to achieve the best possible effect.

A review – What is the real benefit of Alterra eyelash serum?

It is always interesting to have a look at the relevant valuations before buying. The evaluation is usually written by a user in which he or she describes how satisfied he or she was with the product. The experience with the Medipharma eyelash booster is relatively positive, but there are also negative reports where the serum could not produce an effect. The price-performance ratio is well received by many users. Most people are very happy with the fact that it is applied in the evening. Some of the users complained about a slight burning sensation, but this was often the case with ladies who have sensitive skin anyway. Both length and density could positively influence the Idol Lash. A few complained about the oily consistency and that it was difficult to apply. Overall, however, the feedback was predominantly positive.

Beware of fake products on the market!

Alterra eyelash serum

A really good eyelash serum is also relatively cheap to buy on the Internet. The problem: These are often products that have been copied by others. This means that they contain almost the same ingredients, but appear cheaper. However, they also bring something with them that is not really desirable. Many of them either have side effects or contain additives that harm the body. These substances have such an effect that the eyes start to burn. Wearing contact lenses becomes unthinkable. And all this in exchange for a low price. Therefore, it is very useful to read reviews, form your own opinion and check whether it is always the original. If there are doubts, there is only one thing: hands off! The bad thing about this situation is that there are such offers even from well-known providers like Amazon or Ebay. Therefore, it is always better to buy from a reputable manufacturer.

Conclusion – The Alterra eyelash serum at a glance

As far as nutrient supply is concerned, eyelashes are usually neglected. An eyelash serum can help here. However, it should be a good product, which also keeps what it promises. The Alterra eyelash serum from Rossmann can be a solution for you, but not necessarily. The ratings were very different. However, the fact is that if it works, eyelashes will become fuller and usually longer. The follicles are effectively regenerated, so that an uncomplicated growth is possible and the look at the eyes becomes a respectable event, which one does not forget so fast any more. When choosing the right eyelash serum, however, it is not only the evaluation that plays a major role. The choice of the original is also decisive. Because in this way unpleasant experiences and annoying side effects can fortunately be excluded. In addition, a test is always helpful to find the right product.

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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

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