The perfect look – How the Balea eyelash serum refreshes your gaze

balea Wimpernserum

We know it from Hollywood's most romantic films, the Slow Motion Eye Blink. The look is penetrating and the long, sweeping eyelashes make your eyes look irresistible. That's supposed to be unrealistic? It's just a film? With the new Balea eyelash serum this can become reality. In this article findest you will find all important information about the Balea lash serum, what makes it so special and how you can strengthen the effect of the lash serum in your everyday life.

What does the Balea lash serum do?

The Balea eyelash serum is the latest eyelash booster for a new eyelash experience. Support the natural growth of your eyelashes with the new eyelash serum from Balea, DM's own brand. It promises longer and thicker lashes through targeted application with the narrow applicator. In addition, it is a natural, vegan product without perfume, alcohol, colorants, parabens, Paraffine, oil and harmful mineral oils. It is suitable for every skin type and due to the natural additives it is considered a good product for allergy sufferers. The Pflegefluid with peptide active complex promises already after 6 to 8 weeks a visible difference in the eyelash abundance and structure. It is to be given daily by the Applikator on the beginning of the eyelashes, here it is important not to use too much product, since otherwise this could irritate the eyes. The narrow applicator helps with optimal handling. The eyelash serum from DM is a real secret weapon for a dreamlike look. Convince yourself!

Balea Wimpernserum

5 tips to make the Balea lash serum even more effective

The numerous tests of the Balea lash serum confirm the success, but there are additional measures you can take to support the fullness and growth of your lashes. In addition to the regular application of eyelash serum for a Realash effect, your lifestyle can also bring positive side effects to your gaze.

Refresh eyelashes with coconut oil

The beneficial ingredients of natural coconut oil gently help the eyelashes and the eye area to pflegen. The oil is particularly suitable for cleaning the eyelashes before you apply the Balea eyelash serum to the eyelashes.

You put on your eyes. The fact is that too much product irritates the eye area and can therefore lead to eyelash loss and unwanted redness. Therefore it is advisable to use the coconut oil regularly with 2-3 drops and massage in gently.

Make little contact with fingers

Even if the Pflegeprodukte should be massaged gently into the eye area for the eyelashes, this does not mean irritating the eyes and eyelashes with friction in everyday life. On the contrary, this leads to loss of eyelashes and wrinkles, as the constant rubbing puts a lot of strain on the skin and it loses elasticity. Not only for our eyelashes and skin, regular rubbing is a negative aspect, because at the same time bacteria on our hands attack the eye and the cornea. This can lead to inflammation and thinning of the cornea.

At least one make-up free day per week

Daily use of mascara puts a heavy strain on our eyelashes. The substances in the mascara clump together our vessels and allow the eyelashes to thin out. Here the eyelash serum of DM helps as a counter effect, but in order to enjoy the numerous positive qualities of the eyelash serum, make-up and above all mascara should be renounced once to several times per week. The more often you give your skin and eyelashes a break, the more energetic they will become.

Food supplement as eyelash booster from the inside

Not only from the outside you can boost your eyelashes, but also from the inside. It can be difficult to absorb all the necessary vitamins and minerals every day, especially in a stressful everyday life, so dietary supplements can help. Vitamins A, B, C and E are especially important for the healthy growth of your eyelashes. Use dietary supplements for a quick effect, but in the long run try to change your diet so that the necessary vitamins can be absorbed. Foods that give your eyelashes more length and fullness: – Nuts – Olive oil – Coconut oil – Beans – Avocado – Chickpeas – Fresh fruit – Broccoli – Fish These foods can be easily integrated into everyday life. For example, use nuts as a snack for in between or conjure up a delicious dinner with fish, fried in olive oil, broccoli with it and a delicious salad with avocado and beans. The Balea lash serum also contains vitamins and important additives such as allantoin and Pflegevitamin biotin.

Gentle make-up removal

Not only is the make-up process very stressful for the eyes and eyelashes, it can also lead to negative side effects such as thinning of the eyelashes and the formation of wrinkles. Also the removal of make-up is a further burden which, if not carried out correctly, has a negative effect on the external appearance. It is important to make the process of removing make-up as gentle as possible. Use natural products, no chemical detergents and try to rub as little as possible. Apply DM eyelash serum only after cleansing to ensure that all active ingredients can be absorbed untreated by other substances in the hair and skin.


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Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

The Balea Eyelash Serum gives your eyelashes a new boost

You want to achieve maximum success with as little effort as possible without spending a lot of money on a whole range of products? Then the Balea eyelash serum from DM is the right choice for you, you can buy it at Prolash. The numerous tests of the DM customers speak for themselves, it is a real eyelash booster.

Due to the easy application and the simple handling it is easy to integrate the eyelash serum into everyday life. In the mornings and evenings, apply the serum over the cleaned eyelashes and see a difference after only 6 to 8 weeks. Would you like to support the growth process of your eyelashes with the Balea eyelash serum and also eliminate harmful behaviours from your everyday life? Then follow our tips.

Attention: Our Miralash's eyelash serum-test won our tests by far.

The eyelash serum from Miralash is our favourite and therefore a clear recommendation to you:

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healthy and strong eyelashes

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Watch eyelashes grow

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For example, do not use make-up on one or better even several days, explicitly use mascara, and if you do use make-up, take care of an extensive and gentle make-up removal process. Beautiful eyelashes á la Hollywood don't have to remain a dream, on the contrary, because eyelash boosters like the eyelash serum from Balea support the growth of your eyelashes in a natural way and let them appear fuller and more lively in the shortest time, for an irresistible look. Try it out! 

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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

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