Eye Lash serum tested – the way to perfect lashes

SA3 Magic eyelash serumThe look at the eyes is especially important for many women. No wonder, because one or the other man can clearly be driven out of his mind. Long and dense eyelashes have always been considered youthful and beguiling, but only very few people can call them their own. Quite the opposite. Surveys show that more and more people suffer from too short eyelashes or from gaps in their eyelashes. Loss of eyelashes is also very common and unfortunately has a negative effect on this very special look. In order to come closer to your own dream, there are now quite different possibilities.

The perfect look - what are the possibilities?

There are now different ways to get closer to your dream. For example, you can glue on artificial eyelashes in a beauty salon. This is not only very time-consuming, but also costs a lot of money. In addition, the glued eyelashes also fail at some point and have to be replaced. In addition, many women also dye their eyebrows and eyelashes. Also quite expensive and not very healthy. Of course there is also the possibility to put on make-up with eyeliner and mascara. Here, too, the beauty area offers numerous products that help. Mascara, for example, underlines the effects of eyelash serum and lures with maximum lashes. However, it is a fact that it is above all your own healthy eyelashes that make the most beautiful look possible, as long as they are dark, long and dense. If you want to help here, the eyelash serum is the perfect alternative to the cosmetic studio or too much make-up.

What is eyelash serum?

Eyelash serum is a liquid that is applied to the lash line or to the lashes themselves. The serum itself should be used once a day and with regular use you will get closer to a perfect look. No wonder, because the lash serum itself supports lash growth and the formation of new hair follicles. So if you finally want to have your own perfect and irresistible look, but have lashes that are too short or thin, you should do the ultimate lash serum test on yourself. So you can get a bit closer to the dream of your own exciting look week after week.

How does a serum for eyelashes work?

Right at the beginning: eyelash serum really works when applied regularly. This fact has already been confirmed by numerous users. But how exactly does the eyelash serum work and how should it be possible to achieve such beautiful and breathtaking eyelashes?

The market now offers many different products from different brand manufacturers, so there is something for everyone. The purpose of such a serum for eyelashes is to strengthen and lengthen the eyelashes, which nowadays are attacked every day by different influences. Statistics conducted with eyelash serum have shown that 55 percent of applications had thicker lashes and 79 percent had longer lashes. For as many as 94 percent, there was even an improvement in the condition of the individual eyelashes. But how exactly does the eyelash serum work?

Extended lash growth for longer lashes

The growth phase of the eyelashes is clearly extended. This means that they become longer. The serum ensures that the eyelashes do not break off so quickly and become more resistant. Thus, too short eyelashes often have the cause that they do not come out over a certain length. By using mascara and Co. the eyelashes are quickly strained. They become hard and break off so quickly. This means that the growth phase of the eyelashes is also much shorter, so that they have no chance at all to become so long to inspire with the perfect look.

The best
Eyelash serum:

strong lash serum
thicker eyelashes
Ingredients of the highest quality
price-performance ratio (10/10)
Easy to use
according to manufacturer free of side effects

In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

Thicker eyelashes for more volume

Many people suffer from numerous gaps in the lash line. This is due to the fact that the eyelashes grow very poorly and hardly any new eyelashes follow. Unfortunately, the consequences can be seen quite well. The lashes are not dense, which makes the volume very difficult. Who applies the eyelash serum again and again and observes the dose of the manufacturer, can notice after some time that also the volume changes positively. This is due to the fact that new eyelashes grow through the application and not only the already existing eyelashes are cared for and lengthened. The serum is applied directly to the upper lash line and, if desired, also to the lower lash line. The individual ingredients stimulate the growth of the hair follicles. This means that new eyelashes can also grow. So the gaps close after a few weeks and the lash line itself is nicely thickly covered, which naturally also influences the volume.

Healthier and shiny eyelashes

Thick and long eyelashes alone do not make the beautiful look of your eyes. In addition, healthy and shiny eyelashes are very important. For this reason, most brands work with ingredients in their serum that nourish the lashes. This means that the eyelashes are not only fuller and longer. They also become thicker and more robust. They are more resistant than before, do not break so quickly and shine. No wonder, because these small hairs also need nutrients with which they are now supplied. That's how we know it from normal hair. If they are pampered with high-quality shampoo and a nutrient-rich conditioner, the hair shines much stronger, is beautifully smooth and silky soft. They are also easier to comb and do not fall out so strongly. Dull hair, which is brittle and dull, should therefore be cared for. The same applies to eyelashes and eyebrows.

Equal success with eyelash serum for eyebrows

In addition to dissatisfaction with the eyelashes, many people also suffer from problems with their eyebrows. Here, too, one can do without tinting as well as fake eyebrows. The eyelash serum can also be used here and can also help to make the small hairs grow better. The eyelash serum can also help to make the eyebrows grow thicker, darker and longer without making them look too bushy or unnatural. Because also these, perfectly formed, contribute to the facial expression and should therefore not only be beautifully formed, but also dense and beautifully grown. However, it should also be noted that the serum should not be applied too thickly on the eyebrows. So a little is really enough.

How is the eyelash serum used?

Eyelash serum is always applied in the same way, with some serums having to be applied not only to the lash line but also to the lashes themselves. However, this is very rarely the case. It is always important to read the package insert and proceed according to the individual manufacturer's instructions in order to achieve the maximum effect. Although most products are used once a day, for other eyelashes it is even recommended to use them twice a day until the first visible change and thus accelerate the growth of the eyelashes again. Before you start to apply it, you should always read and follow the exact instructions.

The application explained step by step

Step 1 - cleaning the eyes

Before applying the serum, it is very important that the eyes are completely removed. This means that neither mascara nor mascara nor eyeliner or eye shadow should be applied. Whether fake eyelashes are currently worn does not matter with most products. Experts advise to remove the make-up directly with a special remover. Here are some products that are not too harmful, but also have caring properties. However, it is important that there is no fat film on the eye area afterwards. Also creams or oils should not be used now and directly after the application. Only if the certain areas, eyelashes and possibly eyebrows are free of make-up, one can begin with the application.

Step 2 - Apply the serum

When the eyes are clean and dry, you're ready to go. The eyelash serum itself is usually provided in small bottles. In terms of appearance, size and filling volume it is reminiscent of the typical mascara or liquid eyeliner. How much eyelash serum is in the bottle is always very different. So it can be that it is 3 ml eyelash serum or even 5 ml. The eyelash serum is now applied with the small and fine brush. This in turn is similar to a liquid eyeliner. The principle of application is now the same. Using the brush, serum is now applied to the upper lash line. It is important not to take too much serum, otherwise it can quickly get into the eyes. If you only apply a small amount of serum, you do not need to be afraid that the serum will not work. According to the motto “Sometimes less is more”, it is sufficient to apply only a very light and thin layer on the upper lash line. The serum is then optimally distributed. If you also have big problems with the lower lash line, you should apply some serum here as well, but be even more careful. For example, the lower lash line often misses something, so that unfortunately some serum gets into the eyes again and again. If this is the case, the eye must be washed out directly with plenty of lukewarm and clear water. Now it can be natural that the already applied serum has been washed off and has to be reapplied. You should, however, wait until the eye is no longer watering.

Step 3 - Let the eyelash serum take effect

Most people day the serum in the evening because it can work overnight. It is best not to apply make-up or cream about two hours after application. So the serum has a good time to work. Here too, however, the information provided by the manufacturers often differs greatly from one another, so that users should in any case always check exactly how long the serum should at least work and what has to be observed here.

Step 4 - Do not underestimate regular use

It is always important to use the serum regularly. If you do this only once a week, it will not work optimally. For this reason it is very important, especially at the beginning, to apply the eyelash serum every day, no matter which model you choose. Only then, when the desired result has occurred, one can reduce the application from daily up to twice a week. However, the lash serum should not be completely discontinued, otherwise it can happen that the old problems come back after some time and one suffers again from too short lashes, lash loss and other problems. With an application on two days the week the result should be held. If there is a deterioration, the number of applications can of course be increased at any time, because the serum itself has no negative effects.

These people benefit from the eyelash serum

The eyelash serum can actually be used by just about anyone, although children are naturally excluded. People who have too short eyelashes because they always break off and are anything but robust, or people who have strong gaps in their eyelashes, can of course achieve some improvements with the serum. But even people who generally have very few eyelashes, which are anything but convincing even when they are made up, are guaranteed to benefit from the use of a high-quality serum. There are more and more people, especially women, whose eyelashes fall out completely because the hair roots themselves are simply not strong enough, especially when removing make-up or rubbing off the eyes. This is mainly because there is a deficiency in the body or the roots are too weak. In addition, it happens very often that many people do not even perceive the eyelashes as hair and do not care for them. While the hair on the head is often pampered and supported with high-quality shampoo or a caring conditioner, the eyelashes are often loaded day by day with mascara and Co., which is often not even removed in the evening due to lack of time. The eyelash serum is therefore suitable for all people who want to do something good for their eyelashes and are very dissatisfied with the current condition.

Who should not use the eyelash serum?

Of course, there are also groups of people for whom an eyelash serum is not particularly suitable. For example, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not apply a serum for eyelashes for the time being, but should wait here for some time. Although the numerous tests did not confirm any negative effects for the baby, pregnant women and nursing mothers are of course special groups who should be very careful. Manufacturers are therefore very happy to protect themselves in this respect and say from the outset that both expectant and breastfeeding mothers should not use the products. Of course, children should not have access to the product either. That is not because they are suffering from side effects. However, they cannot apply the serum themselves and the fact that some children still put everything in their mouths is anything but beneficial. For this reason, the serum should not be used until adolescence. In addition, the serum is not recommended if you are currently undergoing chemotherapy. If this is however finished, then nothing speaks against the use of the serum. Quite the contrary, the growth of any unusual eyelashes or eyebrows could be optimally supported right from the start.

Are there any side effects to an eyelash serum?

Before the products come onto the market, they are of course always tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, so that they have to comply with a number of defined guidelines. Since there are of course strong differences between the individual products with regard to the individual ingredients, it is always important to pay attention to these, since allergy sufferers in particular could have problems with side effects, which are not dangerous in any case, but perhaps only somewhat unpleasant. Also redness can occur on the first days and some users reported after the eyelash serum test also of the fact that the eye became somewhat thicker and it came to a swelling, which was never really large however.naturally each humans reacts very individually to the application of different products. It is important not to stop the serum immediately after a small negative effect. Every user should give his body a few days to get used to the serum. After a maximum of four to five days, the body should have desensitized itself to such an extent that the skin no longer reacts negatively to the application of the eyelash serum. Otherwise, the eyelash serum should naturally be removed again. Some users had tried afterwards another eyelash serum of another manufacturer and came with it super clear. So you can try something back and forth until you have found the best eyelash serum yourself The side effects in the overview: Dry skin that can even flake a bit Redness on the affected skin areas The skin can itch Light burning after applicationLight swelling of the eyelid Tearing eyes. This also applies to the Beautylines eye lashserum.

Finding the best eyelash serum - which brand was convincing?

Due to the large number of different eyelashes from numerous manufacturer brands, it is of course not always easy to find the right product for you. No wonder, because due to the many fake products and thus also fake experience reports, it is often difficult to find honest opinions here. For this reason we have not only tested ourselves, but also compared different reviews with each other. Here a direction could be recognized quite clearly. Miralash not only had the best effect for us, it also convinced us in terms of compatibility, price-performance ratio and the ingredients were also convincing. It is used like the other products, for example Beauty Lines or Aprho Celina, so that it is applied directly to the upper lash line or, if desired, also to the eyebrows. The Miralash eyelash serum is usually filled in 3ml bottles, which last for a long time. Even if it sounds very little, users can manage with it for a few months despite daily use. By the way, the serum can be kept for at least six months from the day of opening.


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

powerful effect

rapid growth

no side effects

Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

Buy eyelash serum - note this

First and foremost, one should know that there are two very different types of eyelashes. There is the eyelash serum without prostaglandin and the eyelash serum with prostaglandin. This is a hormonal active substance, which should support and accelerate the effect of the eyelash serum once again. This growth hormone is a hormonal substance, which is to be found particularly in the medicines and preparations from the range of the eye medicine. For example, it is used for the treatment of glaucoma. In the course of various studies and tests, it was discovered by chance that this tissue hormone can also promote the growth of hair and thus of eyelashes and eyebrows. So it is no wonder that the hormone is now also used in many eyelashes.

Eyelash serum with prostaglandin:

As the name suggests, an eyelash serum with prostaglandin also contains the hormone of the same name. These are now synthetically produced for use in various cosmetic products. In an eyelash serum, this hormone is supposed to help users to achieve beautiful, long and dense eyelashes. A lash serum with prostaglandin will ensure that the lashes grow faster, grow thicker and also become longer. Statistics and tests even show that users of an eyelash serum with prostaglandin have noticed an improvement of one third. As soon as the tissue hormones have a very good effect, the length of the eyelashes can even double, which is the reason for many users to choose a serum with prostaglandin and thus accept the use of hormones. Thus the hormone is to be found also with the contents materials our eyelash serum test winner Miralash and is listed here under the term “Isopropyl Cloprostenate”. eyelash serum without Prostaglandin: Of course there are also humans, who would like to do without the use of hormones and therefore also with the purchase of eyelash serum make sure that no hormones are to be found here. For example, there are special serums which are vegan and therefore do not contain any hormones or animal components. Also on the use of mineral oils is completely renounced here of course. Nevertheless, in one or the other eyelash serum it is reported that the serum nevertheless helped to make the problems with the small hairs finally belong to the past. However, it can be observed here that the growth of the eyelashes takes a very long time despite daily use. In addition, it is unfortunately a fact that the results with the individual products are never as good as with an eyelash serum containing this hormone.

The eyelash serum test - all this should be considered

Of course, it is not particularly easy to choose a product on the market. No wonder, because the market itself offers so many different types of eyelashes from various manufacturer brands that everyone is spoilt for choice. However, a lash serum test can help and give a first overview so that some models can be sorted out right from the start and the selection becomes smaller and smaller. We have also found our Miralash eyelash serum test winner in this way and can recommend it to all our readers. The following criteria are important for an eyelash serum test: Effect: The effect of an eyelash serum should of course be at the top of the criteria list. In an eyelash serum test you should find out how exactly the serum works for the individual test subjects. Not only the short-term effect is important, but also the long-term success as soon as the serum has been slightly reduced in use. It is not only the intensity of the effect that counts, but also the type of effect. So how exactly do the eyelashes change? Do they become thicker, longer and more voluminous and if so, how exactly does this change look in intensity? For example, with the Miralash eyelash serum, it was found that the eyelashes themselves can become up to twice as long.side effects: The side effects should of course also be tested and written down. Ingredients: The ingredients are particularly important and responsible for whether the serum is well tolerated and also effective. The ingredients should be of high quality and well-tolerated quality and should also harmonize perfectly with each other. Eyelash growth & lash density: Most users use the eyelash serum naturally to accelerate lash growth. The eyelashes should also become thicker, which requires filling the gaps in the lash line. Of course, there will be some time until the first successes can be seen here. With the successes concerning eyelash growth and eyelash density some time should pass additionally. Usually the first positive changes can be seen after six weeks at the earliest. With again other test subjects and according to some eyelash serum experiences it took much longer with other persons, because each person reacts individually. However, if the serum has no effect on some test subjects during the test, the effectiveness can of course be doubted. These products belong to the category fake products, which unfortunately can be found in large quantities on the market: The application should always be simple and problem-free. Therefore it is best if all important utensils can be found here. For example the brush for application. Furthermore, it is important that the manufacturer gives precise details for his product so that users also know how and how often the product itself must be used in order to achieve optimum results. Price-performance ratio: As in many other areas, it is also true here that the eyelash serum does not have to be expensive to be good. Not everything that glitters is gold. The price ranges are very wide and range from just under twenty euros to the three-digit range. So it should be looked whether the price harmoniert also with the effect. It is good to know, of course, that most eyelash serums last for several months, because they always have to be applied very sparingly and therefore only very small quantities are needed.

The advantages and disadvantages of an eyelash serum

Of course, as with almost all products, there are not only advantages to the eyelash serum. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages in the following in order to offer our readers an optimal overview.


  • First improvements often visible after only four weeks
  • Longer eyelashes
  • Increase in lash volume becomes clearly visible
  • Eyelashes get a healthy shine
  • Simple to use
  • Very long shelf life
  • With numerous products the eyelashes become clearly darker
  • Can also be used in the area of the eyebrows
  • Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested
  • Hair roots are stimulated
  • Very little eyelash serum is required for application
  • Large selection of numerous products, so that there is something to suit everyone
  • Eyelashes receive lots of nutrients


  • Some products contain tissue hormones
  • Reddening may occur
  • It may cause itching.
  • Allergic reactions may occur
  • There are unfortunately some fake products on the market that do not deliver what they promise.
  • It takes quite a long time until the first visible successes are achieved.

FAQ about eyelash serum

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and explained them in our eyelash serum FAQ.

The lash serum is applied to the upper lash line with a brush after complete removal of make-up and drying.

Usually the lash serum is applied once a day, although there are some products that should be applied twice a day.

Every eyelash serum is different. Some tests from this area have shown that the first changes occurred after just four weeks, while other users had to wait a few more weeks. In addition, there is often a strong difference between the eyelash serum with prostaglandin and the products without this hormone. However, products with the hormone were able to achieve much better results in the test.

Yes, there may also be side effects. These include skin redness, itching, slight swelling, or burning.

Children should not use the eyelash serum. Young people who suffer from short eyelashes or eyelash loss, on the other hand, can already use the eyelash serum.

The serum should be used daily at the beginning. Only when the desired effect has occurred can the number of applications be reduced.

In this case, the natural growth cycle would be restored. This means that the length of the eyelashes would also return to their original length. This also means that after some time the old problems would be there again. For this reason it is recommended to continue to apply the lash serum at least twice a week to maintain the result.

No, unfortunately this is a mistake that is very often made by users. It is more likely that some of the serum gets into the eye. Therefore, you really should only apply a fine film. That's quite enough. This also applies to the frequency of application. You should only use the serum as often as recommended by the manufacturer.

Many have also had a great experience with an eyelash extension, but now want to get out of this cycle of regular renewal. Many affected people now use the eyelash serum and this is completely okay, because it can also be used without hesitation for artificial eyelashes.

Yes, the serum is applied directly to the hairline of the eyelashes and does not come into the eye when used sparingly, so the contact lenses usually do not come into contact with the serum.

Since a permanent make-up is a fine and small tattoo, the application of eyelash serum should be waited until everything is completely healed.

Yes, tinting the eyelashes is no problem when using eyelash serum.

Most eyelash serums are also well suited for the eyebrows and also provide a clear improvement here, which can be seen.

In this case a burning usually occurs. It is important to wash the eye out with plenty of clean and lukewarm water.

Pregnant women, nursing mothers, people undergoing chemotherapy, people who are allergic to the ingredients, children.

Our conclusion on the subject of eyelash serum

We can recommend the eyelash serum to all people who have always wanted the perfect look. The Miralash eyelash serum was particularly convincing in the test, with many other products also supporting lash growth and providing a great lash volume and breathtakingly long lashes. If you still have doubts about the effectiveness, you should put it aside as soon as possible and finally start trying it yourself. Here you have to be patient, but it will definitely be worth it and soon you will also be one of those people who can have everything at a glance.


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

powerful effect

rapid growth

no side effects

Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

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