Biomed eyelash serum – the way to beautiful eyelashes?

Biomed eyelash serum

Expressive eyes and the perfect look are exactly the things that many women want and only very few can consider themselves lucky to call these things their own. On the contrary. Most women suffer from lashes that are far too short because they break again and again. In addition, many people suffer from gaps in the eyelashes or lashes that are too light, which could simply tolerate a bit more dark colour. In the worst case the eyelashes will even fall out. In this case, many women first go to the beauty salon and either have their eyelashes tinted or have fake eyelashes glued to them. In the long run, this is not only very expensive, but also not necessarily healthy. The perfect solution should be the eyelash serum, which stimulates lash growth and creates a beautiful eyelash ring, with whose look everyone can be convinced. One of these products is Biomed's eyelash serum.

How does the Biomed eyelash serum work?

Like the other products in this area, the Baehr eyelash serum will have the typical effect on users. However, it is important to know in advance that many of these products are available on the Internet from very different manufacturers. Unfortunately, these do not only differ in the respective ingredients, but also in the effect. While some products really deliver what they promise, many users fall for the so-called fake products. They all seem to convince with great experience reports, but if you take a closer look, it quickly becomes clear that here everything is praised to heaven and mostly no negative points were enumerated. Unfortunately it's not uncommon that fake products are also the subject of fake reviews, which are written by people who are paid for them.

However, the manufacturers of this Christian Breton eyelash serum are firmly convinced that this serum will finally bring users one step closer to the perfect look. Regular and careful use in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions is of course a prerequisite. If all this is taken into account, the Biomed eyelash serum should prolong the growth of the eyelashes and thus ensure longer eyelashes. These do not break off so quickly anymore, which can happen quickly with the regular application of mascara. No wonder, because these often make the lashes hard and brittle, so that short lashes are the logical consequence. In addition to prolonged lash growth, the formation of new hairs should also be supported. As a result, the gaps in the lash line can be closed and the lashes grow beautifully dense and voluminous. Due to the rich nutrient content of the eyelash serum it is also possible that the eyelashes are cared for beautifully and thus get the beautiful healthy shine.


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The Biomed lash serum experiences from the internet

If you do not want to carry out the Biomed eyelash serum test yourself, but want to find out enough in advance, you should not only read the positive reports of this serum. As already mentioned, this can also be bought reviews or blogs that want to sell exactly this serum. Thus it is to be found in most reports namely that the first effect is very long on itself to wait and other products could obtain substantially faster and better successes. However, this is not necessarily due to the product itself. We humans are all very individual, so that we react also very individually to the individual products. Some people get their serum quite quickly, while others have to wait several weeks longer. In addition, it can of course happen that no result is visible at all. The net is in any case of separate opinion regarding the Biomed eyelash serum, so that some buyers are very enthusiastic about the simple application and the effect, but others advise to completely different manufacturer brands and have also changed.

Where can you buy Biomed eyelash serum?Biomed Wonder Eyelash

Since the manufacturer's brand Biomed is not so well known, it is not found in typical drugstore stores. Most people have already had experience with Biomed in the cosmetics sector, and the brand has proven itself in terms of quality. However, it is possible to order the serum at some large pharmacies, as it is not only a cosmetic but also a medical product. Here, however, it can happen that the products themselves are more expensive than ordering them on the Internet.

No wonder, because in the large online shops, not only this manufacturer brand is to be found, here also other brands offer their products, so that the competition is substantially higher. If you want to be on the safe side, see the ratings and compare prices, you can best order the Biomed eyelash serum at Amazon and not only get a good price here, but the product is also delivered to the address indicated. In addition, you can definitely be sure to find the right eyelash serum here.

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The Biomed eyelash serum application – so geht´s

Before you get started, users should definitely take a closer look at the package insert. While the packaging with the vial is more reminiscent of mascara, the serum itself is applied more like liquid eyeliner.

However, before you can really get started, you have to completely remove your make-up. The eyelashes and the rest of the eye area should be free of make-up, creams, oils and fats as well as eyeliner and mascara. Only in this way is it possible for the serum to work really well. The recommended time of day is the evening or the time before going to bed. So while you sleep, the serum can have a full effect. By the way, this is not only the case with the Biomed eyelash serum, but also with all other products of this brand. In addition, it should be known that the serum must be applied once a day.

The serum is applied to the upper lash line with the enclosed brush. This is where it can work and spread during the night. It is important not to take too much serum. Otherwise it can quickly happen that it runs into the eyes, which leads to a strong burning sensation. In this case the serum must be washed out immediately with plenty of clear and cold water. However, the burning itself can last for some time, which is completely normal and usually harmless.

Does the Biomed eyelash serum have side effects?

Like all other products, it can have side effects. Some users tell of a slight burning sensation in the eyes and itching can also occur. In some cases, this is an intolerance of the skin to the serum. However, it can also happen that these symptoms disappear again after a few days. For this reason, experts advise not to discontinue the serum directly, regardless of which one is currently using, but to wait for a few days. However, if the side effects persist, the serum should be changed. In addition, some users report that they suffered from headaches, but here it was not possible to establish a direct connection to the serum.

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Our conclusion on the Biomed eyelash serum

As it is one of the less well known products in this biomed eyelash serum area, one should wait and see whether it can prove itself on the free market and keep up with the high-quality products. The price is somewhat lower and in the middle range, whereby one could never save money, especially with cosmetic and medical products, but should always keep an eye on one's own body and health.

The best
Eyelash serum:

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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

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