The perfect look with the EOXX eyelash serum

EOXX eyelash serum

The perfect look is at the top of the wish list, especially for many women, and very few can call it their own. To get at least a little closer to this wish, women use all kinds of possibilities. For example, they make themselves up very strongly with mascara and eyeliner. However, mascara also has the characteristic of making the eyelashes harder, so that they break off in the worst case. Short eyelashes, brittle eyelashes or even eyelash loss naturally have a negative influence on the perfect look. The same goes for gaps in the lash line.

Longer eyelashes, a thick lash line and, best of all, dark eyelashes are the basic prerequisites here. In addition to make-up, you can tint the eyelashes as well as the eyebrows or even glue artificial eyelashes on, which, however, must be renewed at regular intervals. A very cost-intensive point. Meanwhile, however, there are other possibilities. We are talking about eyelash serum, which is becoming more and more popular and is now offered by numerous manufacturer brands. So there is for example the EOXX eyelash serum.

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What is the EOXX eyelash serum?

The EOXX Eyelash Serum is a serum that stimulates the growth of the eyelashes. In addition, new eyelashes should grow, so that the lash line gradually becomes thicker. In addition, the manufacturer says about his product itself that eyelashes become darker and less brittle, which makes them longer. Here, the serum works with a variety of ingredients that not only stimulate growth, but also stimulate the formation of new hair follicles. However, it should be noted that the Internet also contains many fake products, the effect of which is highly praised, but the test on the product is anything but satisfactory. However, the M2 Beaute Lashes has already won some positive reviews on different platforms. But of course not all that glitters is gold. So there are numerous platforms on which these reviews are artificially pushed up against the gift of a product. For this reason it is always advisable to read here also the less positive EOXX eyelash serum experiences.


How is the EOXX lash serum used?

The application of the serum is very simple and therefore hardly differs from the individual competing products. It is important to remove all make-up beforehand. For this reason, it is advisable to apply the serum only in the evening, as most people now remove their make-up anyway. This means that neither mascara, make-up nor eyeliner should be applied around the eyes. On the one hand, this is because the EOXX lash serum can work better and on the other hand, mascara makes the lashes hard, which can lead to the lashes breaking even at night.

The Balea lash serum is applied to the upper lash line when the skin is dry and clean. The brush is particularly suitable for this purpose. This is contained in the small bottle as a lid, which strongly reminds of the typical mascara. However, the shape is more like that of the liquid eyeliner. When applying to the upper lash line, users should make sure that there is not too much serum on the brush. The serum should not get in the eye. Should this happen, it should be washed out directly with clear water. Now, however, it can happen that the eye burns slightly for some time or is red.

If you also want to help with the eyebrows, you can also apply the EOXX eyelash serum here. Here, too, no make-up should be applied. Also here a very thin layer of serum is sufficient. In the lower lash line, the EOXX lash serum also helps to support the growth of the lashes. However, the application itself is often more difficult.

Are there any side effects with the EOXX eyelash serum?

As with most cosmetic or medical products, the EOXX lash serum is not free of side effects. Even if used correctly, it can lead to reddening of the skin or severe itching. Still other users have reported that a severe burning has occurred here, that even after a few days simply did not go away, so that they had changed to another serum and tolerated this better. Furthermore, according to several women, the area around the eyes may be swollen. So allergic reactions can always occur, which is completely normal in cosmetics and cannot be prevented.


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Who should not take the EOXX eyelash serum?

Even though eyelash serum is actually suitable for everyone, pregnant women and mothers who are still breastfeeding should definitely refrain from using it. Here, too, it does not only apply explicitly to the EOXX eyelash serum, but also to any serum from this area. Here the individual manufacturers want and have to protect themselves right from the start. Furthermore, it is not suitable for people who are allergic to individual ingredients. Doctors also advise against people who are currently undergoing chemotherapy or otherwise suffering from a currently stressful disease. The eyelash serum can, however, be helpful in supporting the growth of the eyelashes after chemotherapy.

Where can I buy the EOXX lash serum?

What the EOXX brand serum wants to test for itself cannot be found in Douglas or other shops. Most interested parties take the opportunity and buy the EOXX eyelash serum from Amazon or similar suppliers. Here the selection is larger and the prices lower on average. Furthermore, buyers have the possibility to order their products around the clock and have them delivered to their homes afterwards.

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Conclusion on EOXX eyelash serum

The EOXX lash serum should be placed in midfield. The EOXX eyelash serum has both positive and negative experiences on the Internet. Here everyone should collect his own experiences. A comparison with other products shows, however, that there are far more interesting and better rated products here, and of course you have to see how they work. Thus it can be observed that everyone reacts differently to the application of such a serum.

The best
Eyelash serum:

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thicker eyelashes
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