Kö Hair eyelash serum – extension and compression of the eyelashes

Every woman dreams of radiantly beautiful eyes after the perfect figure. Eyes say so much whether it is good or bad for you. Likewise one can say much more with the eyes, as for example if one likes someone or also not. Who has dreamlike beautiful eyes, that attracts the looks of others on itself. Almost all women want long and full eyelashes. In the past, however, this should only remain a wish. Aids like artificial eyelashes or the eyelash forceps could help here only conditionally.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could lengthen your eyelashes in a natural way? If your eyelashes would grow thicker and you could go through life more radiantly? The Schrofner eyelash serum can also be the perfect solution for you.

Kö-Hair lash serum

The best
Eyelash serum:

strong lash serum
thicker eyelashes
Ingredients of the highest quality
price-performance ratio (10/10)
Easy to use
according to manufacturer free of side effects

In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

Kö-Hair lash serum – natural beauty

With the Kö-Hair eyelash serum, the results of long, dense eyelashes are no longer a wish. Successful application is a matter of course and the ingredients are free of chemicals. According to the motto nature gives back what it has taken. Of course, we wanted to know exactly what this serum is all about. The manufacturer promises a special power formula that lets the eyelashes grow. We have looked at numerous evaluations, because who can judge the eyelash serum Kö Hair better than the people who use it themselves.

  • dense long eyelashes
  • natural ingredients
  • resistant eyelashes after a short time

Kö Hair eyelash serum application – how to do it right

The application of the Beautylines eyelash serum should be carried out exactly as specified by the manufacturer, because only then is success guaranteed. The maximum success is only given if you remove your make-up before the application. The right hygiene is particularly important here. It is also advisable to apply the Kö Hair eyelash serum on the evening before going to bed. This is the best way to allow the ingredients to unfold and other creams will not prevent them from working.

The eyelash serum has a small, narrow brush. With this brush you can perfectly apply the serum to your eyelashes. Draw a line slowly and with care on the upper and lower eyelids. You will notice immediately after the application that your eyelashes are also cared for.

The manufacturer recommends that you apply Kö Hair Eyelash Serum once in the morning and evening for thicker, stronger and longer lashes so that the effect occurs quickly. You will notice the first successes after a short application, but use the serum for about 2 to 3 months, so that this success remains permanent.


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

powerful effect

rapid growth

no side effects

Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

Eyelash Serum Kö Hair Ingredients, Pure Nature

The Kö Hair eyelash serum is available in 3 ml or 7 ml. The Kö Hair Eyelash Serum ingredients have been used on a natural basis according to the manufacturer. Of course we don't want to withhold these from you.

  • Vitamin B7
  • purified water
  • Noralfaprostal
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Methylamido Dihydro
  • collages
  • arginine
  • cucurbita pepo
  • Pentapeotide-17
  • Pumpkin Seed Extract
  • myristoyl
  • sphingolipid

The Kö Hair eyelash serum 7ml is certainly the preparation that is most frequently purchased, as it simply gets by longer.

Kö-Hair eyelash serum test – what's the matter?

The manufacturer has of course tested the Kö Hair eyelash serum before it came onto the market. The test result was more than satisfactory. The test showed that 71% of the users used this product successfully. The compaction and also the lengthening of the eyelashes occurred after regular use. The result was therefore more than satisfactory. The women often stated that they could see a lengthening of the eyelashes rather than a densification. About 11% of the female testers were not convinced by the eyelash serum Kö Hair. These users stated that the applicator did not meet their expectations or that skin irritation had occurred after use. The remaining female testers tested the Kö Hair eyelash serum over a longer period of time, but could not detect any changes. However, if the manufacturer asked for the price, all testers agreed 100% that the price was absolutely legitimate for such a preparation.

Kö Hair eyelash serum

Attention: Our Miralash's eyelash serum-test won our tests by far.

The eyelash serum from Miralash is our favourite and therefore a clear recommendation to you:

proven efficacy

good and fast results

healthy and strong eyelashes

natural ingredients

Watch eyelashes grow

Millions of satisfied women

90 days money back guarantee

Lash Score:

Kö Hair Wimpernserum Testimonials – Interim conclusion

The Schrofner eyelash serum Before After Pictures clearly show that changes had occurred after regular use. The first visible changes occurred after 6 to 8 weeks.

The Kö Hair eyelash serum is also available at Amazon. The Kö-Hair eyelash serum experiences of other users are mainly positive here. Numerous users were very surprised by the preparation. Users report here that they have often been recommended the serum, but were still skeptical. But because of the attractive price, the Kö Hair eyelash serum was worth a try. Users said that it is important to be consistent when using it. Those who do not apply the serum regularly will not be able to achieve success. After the effect has occurred, it is sufficient after about 8 weeks to apply the serum only every 2 days.

No eyelash serum really helps you? Are you insecure? Many of our testers have also had this problem and we have tested many eyelashes. With the eyelash serum from Miralash you are guaranteed to reach your goal. – here you can find our product test

Kö Hair eyelash serum pregnancy, recommended?

Once you have decided on the Kö-Hair eyelash serum 7ml, you will use it permanently. You don't always expect a pregnancy, but what if you suddenly become pregnant? Can the Kö Hair eyelash serum also be used during pregnancy or lactation? The ingredients of this serum are quite harmless, but you should not forget that the Kö Hair eyelash serum is a medicine. It is therefore recommended not to use this product during pregnancy or lactation.

The renowned Kö-Klinik in Düsseldorf, which participated in the production of the Kö Hair eyelash serum, attached great importance to the fact that all components originate from natural origin. Therefore, the Kö Hair eyelash serum is free of hormones and animal experiments have been dispensed with.


The Kö Hair lash serum is an effective preparation to lengthen the lashes and make them grow thicker. The purchase price is surprisingly low compared to partly similar products. Users were very impressed with this serum because the chances of success are very high. Since it is a herbal remedy, side effects have also occurred quite rarely. The application is very simple and since you only need a little of the Kö Hair eyelash serum, this preparation is also extremely economical in use. The manufacturer only rarely advises against its use, namely during pregnancy or lactation. After all, it is a medicine, even if it is of natural origin.

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