Miralash lash serum – the way to beautiful lashes

Miralash lash serum

Women in particular often suffer from their brittle, short or light eyelashes. The perfect look, with which you can enchant your counterpart directly, is therefore intangible for most people. Even the use of eyeliner or mascara can not achieve the result as naturally long and dense eyelashes manage. Unfortunately, this also applies to fake eyelashes. The result is often better, but never the way people want it to be. In addition, tinting eyelashes or eyebrows in a cosmetic studio is very expensive and time-consuming. Not to mention the effects of colour on health. If you finally want to have longer, fuller, healthier and thicker eyelashes and want to experience the dream of the perfect look with natural eyelashes, then the Miralash eyelash serum is just right for you and ensures great eyelash growth.


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Test Winner
Miralash eye lash serum
strong eyelash serum
very fast acting serum
significantly thicker lashes
Nanolash eye lash serum
strong, dense and long eyelashes
50% longer eyelashes
stronger and darker eyelashes
Nuvega eye lash serum
without animal ingredients
Results in 6-10 weeks
100% Made in Germany
eye lash serum
longer and denser eyelashes
Results in 6-10 weeks
already works on the hair root

What is Miralash lash serum?

The Miralash serum is a typical eyelash serum. The different ingredients stimulate the growth of the eyelashes. Thus the eyelashes become not only longer, but also thicker and more voluminous. Provided, of course, that the serum is used regularly. They are strengthened from the inside by the lash serum and the formation of hair follicles is stimulated. The serum is applied quickly and easily, must then be absorbed and after a few weeks of regular use the first improvements are visible. The Miralash ingredients are perfectly coordinated. The ingredients include Panax Ginseng Roots, Nettle Extract, Biotinoyl, Glycerin and Proanediol. Disodium deta, soluble collagen and a high proportion of water are also found in eyelash serum. By many tests, whereby also the dermatological tests could not be missing, a eyelash serum was created, which could already inspire numerous users in the past and made thereby again and again a mad improvement possible.


How does the Miralash lash serum work?

Even though everything reminds optically of the typical mascara, the Miralash lash serum is a medical product which is supposed to stimulate lash growth. While mascara is mainly used for decorative cosmetics and is usually applied to the eyes after make-up, Miralash is different. Of course, the effect also differs from each other. A mascara, for example, only places a dark pigment layer over the eyelashes, but these cannot be changed in any way in growth or structure.

The Miralash product is a lash serum designed to stimulate lash growth. The growth of the small hairs is therefore clearly in the foreground here. 

Furthermore, many people have to struggle with gaps in the eyelash bed and here too the effect of the serum is felt quite quickly. By the fact that the growth of the hair follicles is stimulated, the eyelashes also become thicker. The eyelash serum is not only effective for women. Men can also stimulate lash growth in this way.

The effect of this eyelash serum is based on the active ingredient complex, which is supposed to promote the keratinocyte proliferation of the eyelashes. This means that every single lash is strengthened from the ground up and growth is promoted. Since the eyelashes do not break now, but fall out later sometime, one has more eyelashes, so that these are naturally also visibly thicker. The loss of eyelashes, which many people have to struggle with, is also delayed, which makes the eyelashes grow longer.


The effect in the overview:

  • Makes light eyelashes darker
  • Provides for longer eyelashes, because they do not break so fast any more
  • Stimulates the growth of the hair follicles so that the eyelashes become thicker
  • Can also be used on eyebrows and ensures darker hair and denser hair growth here as well
  • Strengthens the hair from the inside
  • Makes the hair more robust
  • Provides the eyelashes with moisture
  • Provides a radiant and healthy shine

A small stroke is sufficient for the application itself. In any case, do not take too much serum. You should always work clean and concentrated so that no eyelash serum gets directly into the eye. Should this happen, the eye can simply be washed out with plenty of cold and clear water. The affected eye could water a little or burn a little, but nothing more happens here.

Ideally, the eyelash serum should be applied once a day in the evening. Once the desired result has been achieved, it is sufficient to apply the serum only twice a week in order to maintain this result. In the end, it is also very productive and lasts a long time. It doesn't take much time to get a beautiful lash line. A few weeks of application and the first positive changes in lash growth and thick lashes can be seen.

Furthermore, there are some Miralash experiences where it is reported that users who had very short and thin lashes saw a significant improvement after only two weeks.


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

powerful effect

rapid growth

no side effects

Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

Are there any side effects when using Miralash?

Of course, most people wonder if there are any side effects when using Miralash. To say that this is not going to happen is simply a lie. The Miralash lash serum is a medical preparation which is supposed to stimulate lash growth. However, there are no dangerous consequences. At most, it could happen that users react allergically to the various ingredients and redness occurs on the eye or the skin on the eyebrows. A slight burning of the skin or itching can also be side effects. If this is the case, affected users should discontinue the serum after a few days. However, it is also possible that the eye first has to get used to it, so that an improvement occurs after a few days and no more side effects occur. For allergy sufferers it can be helpful to take a closer look at the ingredients in advance to avoid an allergic reaction right from the start.


Where can I buy Miralash?

There are different ways to buy eyelash serum. While some drugstores have only selected brands and you might not find the Miralash product but Schrofner or Evolash, you can also order Miralash online. Here you can buy the Miralash at Amazon and have the package sent to you at home. The Miralash is offered in 3 ml packs, which are sufficient over a very long period of time. If you don't want to order on the internet, you can buy the Miralash in the pharmacy or order it there. In addition there is Miralash at Douglas, although it is often a bit more expensive locally.

Attention: Our Miralash's eyelash serum-test won our tests by far.

The eyelash serum from Miralash is our favourite and therefore a clear recommendation to you:

proven efficacy

good and fast results

healthy and strong eyelashes

natural ingredients

Watch eyelashes grow

Millions of satisfied women

90 days money back guarantee

Lash Score:

More interesting information about the Miralash eyelash serum

  • The Miralash Serum has been dermatologically tested in advance. It is the perfect conditioner for the eyelashes, whereby only very rarely side effects are to be expected, since only allergy sufferers are affected here, which, however, happens very rarely in proportion.
  • If the use is somewhat unpleasant for you, you do not need to worry. The product itself is more reminiscent of a liquid eyeliner or mascara. So the packaging is very neutral.
  • It is suitable for everyone and helps both men and women.
  • Of course you can still use make-up. However, you should do without it immediately after the application so that the serum can work well.
  • The manufacturer recommends users to use the serum three months a day and then only twice a week in order to maintain the result and not have to start all over again.
  • A bottle of Miralash contains 3 ml of serum. This is usually sufficient for about five months.
  • The bottle can be kept for six months after opening.
  • Users are enthusiastic, so Amazon and Co. have always awarded the product at least four out of five stars.


Who is Miralash suitable for?

mirlash eyelash serum

Miralash serum is suitable for anyone who is not satisfied with their eyelashes. It doesn't matter if the eyelashes are too short, constantly break off or even fall out. In addition, it is also useful to use it if the eyelashes do not grow densely enough and gaps in the eyelashes arise. Even if women or men have too light eyelashes, the manufacturer recommends using them for several weeks to darken the eyelashes themselves. Also people, who have problems with their eye needs and want to stimulate hair growth here, are just right with the Miralash Serum. Eyebrows not only become thicker, but also darker.


For whom is the Miralash serum not suitable?

Of course, there are also groups of people for whom the use of Miralash is not necessarily recommended. For example, pregnant women are affected. Here the manufacturer says that tests show that there is no danger from the serum, but you have to be sure. In addition, breastfeeding mothers should refrain from using Miralash Serum. Furthermore, it is advisable for people who have to undergo chemotherapy to postpone the application a little and wait until the end of the therapy themselves. Allergy sufferers, on the other hand, should of course, as already mentioned, check the ingredients in advance.


Conclusion on the subject of Miralash eyelash serum

Before people who have too short eyelashes or are struggling with a lash line that is anything but densely overgrown should not run directly to the beauty salon and have fake eyelashes glued on. This is not only very expensive, but must also be renewed at regular intervals. Miralash is the perfect alternative here and offers affected men and women the opportunity to stimulate lash growth with very little effort and comparatively little money. Furthermore, it is not harmful and ensures that soon nothing stands in the way of a beautiful and irresistible look with long, dense and naturally healthy eyelashes.

The best
Eyelash serum:

strong lash serum
thicker eyelashes
Ingredients of the highest quality
price-performance ratio (10/10)
Easy to use
according to manufacturer free of side effects

In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

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