Nanaolash eyelash serum – for a stunning moment

Beautiful, long and dense eyelashes enlarge the eyes and give the face something girlish and at the same time refined.

Unfortunately, however, such a lash line is not naturally given to all women, or rather, almost no woman has such a lash line.

The cosmetics industry offers a number of tools with which women can create the visual impression that they have fabulous eyelash growth.

In addition to macara and eyeliner, there are artificial eyelashes which can either be glued individually to the natural eyelashes or attached to the upper eyelid as an entire lash arch. But all these embellishments are not only time-consuming but can also damage the eyelashes lastingly.

The ko hair eyelash serum Nanolash not only promotes the growth of new eyelashes, but also makes them longer and better cared for.

Nanolash eye lash serum

What does the eyelash serum Nanaolash do?

The ingredients of Nanolash tackle the problem, so to speak, directly at the root.

By applying the fluid to the edge of the lashes, the active ingredients can penetrate directly into the hair root. There they first promote the growth of new eyelashes, with which you already achieve a denser growth of your eyelid.

Through the direct supply of nutrients, the growth phase of the individual eyelashes is extended, whereby it is already much longer before it, following its natural cycle, falls out again.

Ultimately, the optimal supply of nurturing and regenerating nutrients results in a longer, thicker and smoother hair that will last longer. In the course of a growth cycle, this creates a beautiful, thick lash line, which is preserved with regular use of Nanaolash lash serum.

Since the new lashes often grow darker, you can ideally do without the use of mascara to achieve a stunningly natural look.

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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

What are the ingredients of Nanolash?

The eyelash conditioner Nanolash is based on the tissue hormone prostaglandin, which is also known under the following names:

  • Methylamido-Dihydro-Noralfaprostal
  • bimatoprost
  • isopropyl cloprostenate
  • Dechloro-Dihydroxy-Difluoro-Ethycloprostenolamide

The synthetically produced hormone is responsible for prolonging the growth phase directly in the follicle.

By the way, did you know that the positive effect of prostaglandin on lash growth was discovered by chance?

As the active ingredient bimatoprost has a beneficial effect on intraocular pressure, it is used in drugs used to treat glaucoma. Many patients have now noticed denser eyelash growth in the course of treating their eye conditions. Clearly, the cosmetics industry took advantage of this and developed effective eyelash boosters.

In addition to the tissue hormone prostaglandin, the Nanolash formula, developed by specialists, contains other ingredients that have both nourishing and moisturising, regenerating and invigorating properties. The composition was developed in renowned, modern laboratories and subjected to detailed analyses. To ensure success and health, the active ingredient complex has been tested and proven by independent testing institutes.

This is what Nanolash promises its users:

  • 50 % longer lashes after an application of only 30 days
  • after ten days the eyelashes grow longer, denser and darker
  • from an application duration of 15 days the regeneration and strengthening of the eyelashes begins
  • between day 25 and 30 the optimal nutrient supply of your eyelashes and the skin around the eyes begins


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

powerful effect

rapid growth

no side effects

Our experiences and offers in the STTB test report:

Full success with the right application

In order for the nourishing substances to penetrate deep into the roots of the lashes, it is essential that the serum is applied daily with a brush directly to the base of the lashes. This works similar to an eyeliner.

In order for the effect of Nanolash to unfold fully, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Thoroughly clean the eye area before applying make-up or skin care creams.
  • use only the enclosed brush to apply to the edge of the lashes
  • in order for the serum to have an unhindered effect, it is recommended to use it in the evening after removing the make-up
  • Make sure that the fluid does not get into the eye.
  • remove your contact lenses before applying the conditioner

With the recommended daily application, the first results can be obtained after only 15 days. Already now your eyelashes will be stronger, healthier and denser.

After just 30 days of use, your lashes can be up to 50% longer!

Depending on the life cycle of a lash hair, you will achieve the final result within two to three months.

Thanks to the optimal nutrient supply and care, you now have an expressive lash line with incredibly long and densely growing lashes, which emphasizes your eyes even without make-up on the most advantageous.

Can Nanolash also be applied to the eyebrows?

Since the structure and structure of the eyebrow hairs are similar to the eyelashes, the eyelash serum can also be applied to the eyebrows if you want denser and darker hair growth in your eyebrows.

Does Nanolash work for hair loss on the scalp?

The Long Lashes eyelash serum is designed for the needs of eyelashes and eyebrows.

If you have problems with hair growth on the scalp, you should look for special preparations that are suitable for the scalp hair. You should also use products specially formulated for beard hair to strengthen beard growth.

For whom is the eyelash revitalization conditioner suitable?

All those who suffer from problems such as:

  • suffer from short, thin and sparse lashes
  • excessive eyelash loss
  • Damage to eyelashes due to cosmetic treatments
  • Loss of eyelashes due to illness or age

Nanolash serum reliably helps to restore the mirror image to a natural, dense lash line within a short time.

Pregnant or breastfeeding women should refrain from using eyelashes due to insufficient experience. Cancer patients after chemotherapy should only use the serum after consulting their doctor.

Can side effects occur when using Nanolash?

As with all cosmetic or medical preparations, occasional intolerances or side effects cannot be completely ruled out.

As the ingredients of the active formula of Nanaolash have been tested by ophthalmologists and dermatologists, their tolerability has been confirmed.

However, if side effects such as burning, itching or tears in the eyes occur and do not subside after a few days or are very severe, it is recommended to discontinue the use of Nanolash.

How long and how often should Nanolash be used?

So that the first successes can be achieved within a short time and the final result is fully satisfactory, it is necessary to apply the eyelash serum once a day during the first three months. Once the final effect has been achieved, it is sufficient to apply the fluid several times a week to maintain success.

You can't make up your mind? The Miralash eyelash serum was the winner in our tests. There is also a 90 day money back guarantee if Miralash does not meet your expectations. – here we have tested the serum for you

Best test results due to the positive experiences of numerous users

Enthusiastic women confirm the unique effect of Nanolash:

  • 50% longer eyelashes
  • 30 % larger volume
  • 89 % stronger and darker eyelashes

Due to user satisfaction, Nanolash is the most frequently selected and recommended eyelash serum in its price range. A 3 ml bottle will last four to six months if used properly.

Customers who have tried Nanolash find it particularly positive that the first results are already visible after two weeks of daily use and not after many weeks, as is the case with some other serums. Also the fact that the eyelashes get a darker coloration up to the tips is especially exciting for women who have very light and short eyelashes.

For a natural, expressive look, the use of mascara can be dispensed with in most cases.

On YouTube, users let us participate in their previous successes and proudly present their new eyelash splendour and do not shy away from the unvarnished comparison with their former appearance.

The short list of highly effective ingredients also dispenses with harmful ingredients and contributes to the positive ratings, as side effects or intolerances are very rare.

To round off the overall picture, the eyelash conditioner Nanolash can also be applied to the eyebrows to make them stronger and darker.

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Where can I get Nanolash lash serum?

Nanolash eyelash serum

For customers in Switzerland or Austria, Nanolash can be purchased through online shop branches such as: or This is also possible for customers from Germany. In contrast to the Revitalash serum, however, Nanolash cannot be found in the online shops of perfumeries such as Douglas or drugstores such as Müller.

The price comparison portal Idealo can be used to find several sources of supply.

But beware:

Not all offers include the original eyelash serum from Nanolash. So if you don't want to buy your eyelash serum in the pharmacy, you should go to recommended websites that only offer the original eyelash serum from Nanolash and neither demand an overpriced price nor lure with dubious cheap offers. We have found suitable sources of supply for you and offer a link for this.

Nanolash or Revitalash

In our Nanolash & Revitalash comparison you will get an overview of the similarities and differences of the eye lashsera.

Nanolash – An eyelash serum for a cinematic look

Even if you're finally

  • strong, dense and longer eyelashes
  • up to the tips darker eyelashes
  • and the use of the
  • mascara
  • artificial eyelash lengthening
  • Fake eyelashes to stick on

become one of the many enthusiastic users of Nanolash Eyelash Serum and delight with naturally beautiful, incredibly long and dense eyelashes that emphasize your eyes even without mascara or eyeliner.

Your friends and colleagues will envy your cinematic look!

Attention: Our Miralash's eyelash serum-test won our tests by far.

The eyelash serum from Miralash is our favourite and therefore a clear recommendation to you:

proven efficacy

good and fast results

healthy and strong eyelashes

natural ingredients

Watch eyelashes grow

Millions of satisfied women

90 days money back guarantee

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