Nanolash or Revitalash – Which eyelash serum really provides a beguiling look?

Nanolash eyelash serum

Who doesn't naturally want thick, long, beautifully curved eyelashes? Almost every woman. But unfortunately very few ladies are blessed with these and you probably have to mascara your eyelashes every day so that the wow effect is at least a bit visible. In the morning you have to distribute the mascara evenly on the fine hairs and in the evening you have to remove the whole thing thoroughly. The whole thing takes time and just after removing the make-up, you can see how thin and fine your eyelashes actually are. With an eyelash serum such as Nanolash or Revitalash, thin eyelashes can also be grown densely and long. If used regularly, mascara can at best be omitted completely in the future.

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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

Thin, short eyelashes do not have to be. You don't just have to come to terms with this aesthetic problem or have expensive artificial eyelashes applied to you at regular intervals. With the eyelash serum Nanolash or Revitalash you can create voluminous, long lashes within a few weeks, which will then give you a beguiling look. No more artificial eyelashes or the use of different mascaras. With the products mentioned here, you'll push your eyelash hairs with all natural ingredients and make sure that your life gets swinging.

Nanolash or Revitalash – What can an eyelash serum do?

Alterra Eyelash serums like Nanolash or Revitalash have been very popular not only with many women since yesterday, but also with some men. Thus these products provide for voluminous and longer eyelash hairs, if these are used regularly. If you are wondering whether the eyelash serum Biomed eyelash serum or Revitalash is the better one, you should definitely read on, because we have taken a close look at these two serums. One thing is for sure, both eyelash serums are used to care for the fine hairs on the eyes, to promote growth and to create a thicker lash line. In addition, both products prevent premature loss of lashes.

According to the manufacturer of Revitalash, eyelashes grow here by about 25% of their original length when the serum is used daily. This growth length corresponds to about two millimetres. Nanolash, on the other hand, is said to lengthen the hairs by as much as 50%. In both cases the application also leads to shinier, denser eyelashes, so that in a few weeks the mascara can even be obsolete.

Both eyelashes have the following effects:

  • Extension of the growth phase of the eyelashes
  • Strengthening, as well as strengthening of the hair structure
  • New eyelashes are stimulated to grow

Nanolash or Revitalash – What are the ingredients?

As with most serums of this type, the main ingredient is water. But of course there are also other ingredients that are responsible for the effectiveness of these products. Whether you decide in the end for Nanolash or Revitalash is entirely up to you. The eyelash serum Nanoflash contains substances such as sodium chloride, alcohol denate, Euphrasia Officinalis Extract, benzalkonium chloride and trifluoromethyl dechloro ethylprostenolamide. The Revitalash eyelash serum, on the other hand, contains substances such as water, fruit extracts, Wheat protein and Bimaprotost. According to the manufacturer, both eyelashes should have the above-mentioned modes of action if the remedies are applied regularly to the eyelashes.

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Eyelash serum Nanolash or Revitalash – How are the serums used?

When it comes to application, the question is not which eyelash serum is easier to use. Eyelash serum Nanoflash or Revitaflash? Both products have to be used only once a day. With the help of a brush, which is supplied with the product, the liquid substance is applied to the hairs of the lashes. However, before this is tackled, the eyelashes should be freed from make-up and mascara residues.

Both manufacturers recommend using Nanoflash or Revitaflash in the evening before going to bed, as this allows the lash serum to develop its full effect overnight. Of course, it is also possible to use both preparations at a different time of day, so that Nanoflash or Revitaflash can also be applied to the lashes in the morning or at noon.

Nanoflash or Revitaflash – When do the modes of action become visible?

Does Nanoflash or Revitaflash work faster? This question is, of course, justified. According to the developers of these products, in both cases the eyelashes appear healthier after only 14 days. After only four weeks, however, the application of the eyelash serum Revitaflash leads to an improvement in hair growth. With the Nanoflash eyelash serum, this should also be the case, so that there are no differences here either. If the eyelash serum Nanolash or Revitaflash has been applied regularly to the lash hairs for eight weeks, it is then sufficient if the application only takes place every two to three days.

After eight weeks of daily use, the eyelashes are usually optimally nourished and have also reached their maximum length. Therefore it is now sufficient to use Nanoflash or Revitaflash only every few days. This way you can also save money.

Why are some eyelashes rather sparse and short?

Just like head hair, eyelashes need sufficient nutrients to develop their beauty. So if you eat a rather unhealthy diet or if you go on a diet more often, you can damage your eyelashes. In addition, the hairs on the eyelashes often become thinner as they get older. In addition, the use of mascara is not always beneficial, because especially those who like to forget to remove make-up will ensure that the fine hairs break off quickly. With the eyelash serum Nanoflash or Revitaflash, the fine lash hairs can be successfully cared for, provided with the necessary nutrients and even promote growth.

Buy Nanolash or Revitalash – How expensive are such eyelashes?

Whether you use Nanoflash or Revitaflash for more beautiful eyelashes probably also depends on the price. So both products are not exactly cheap. The eyelash serum Revitalash costs a little less than a hundred euros if you choose a 3.5 millilitre bottle. Nanoflash is a small one in price, because this eyelash serum can be ordered in the online shop for less than 40 Euros. So when it comes to price comparison, Nanoflash is clearly ahead. Ultimately, however, everyone has to decide for themselves which preparation to choose.

Who is not sure whether he wants to use the eyelash serum Nanoflash or Revitaflash and therefore makes the choice dependent on the price, will probably decide for the first mentioned. However, the price of Revitflash can probably also be lowered, because a price comparison on the Internet is done quite quickly. In some online shops there will probably also be one or the other discount campaign or however various Groupons provide for a bargain.

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The Nanolash eyelash serum already works on the hair root for a magnificent effect.

Nanoflash or Revitalash – Can these serums cause side effects?

When it comes to possible side effects of Nanoflash or Revitalash, both products are considered well tolerated. Burning or even reddened and swollen eyes only occur in very rare cases. If the application of the eyelashes also goes a little wrong and the liquid gets inside the eyes, this does not pose too great a danger. So it is of course important to free the eye quickly from the serum. After all, such a mishap is always unpleasant, so that the application should always be carried out with caution.

Nevertheless, both eyelashes have of course been clinically tested and the experiences of various providers speak for themselves. No matter whether you decide for Nanoflash or Revitaflash, both products are considered well tolerated and only lead to undesired side effects in individual cases. These products are even suitable for allergy sufferers and contact lens wearers can also use these eyelashes without hesitation.

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