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The eyelashes are probably one of the most important components of a perfect look. A thick and strong lash line gives the eyes a seductive look and can be irresistible. An expression that every woman desires. However, reality often looks different. Many women, and also men, have either too short eyelashes, gaps in the eyelashes or too bright eyelashes. No matter which eyelash problem you suffer from, all problems have a bad influence on the effect of the look.

Reason enough to help here. However, this does not mean the false eyelashes, which can be stuck on for a lot of money in the cosmetic studio and this again and again. Also the use of too much eyeliner as well as mascara are not meant here. We are talking about the currently very modern eyelash serum. This has the task of stimulating lash growth and ensuring that really everyone can enjoy full, long and thick lashes. Beside different products like the Hairplus or the M2 Beauty Lashes, which you can buy online, there are also home remedies, which are supposed to work and are cheaper. This refers to castor oil.


What is castor oil?

Castor oil is obtained from the seed of the castor plant, which is also known as the miracle tree. No wonder, because castor oil does not only help eyelashes. It is also used for many other purposes. For example for wound healing or as hair and skin care. In contrast to the seeds, the oil is non-toxic. The seeds themselves contain the toxic protein ricin. Many years ago castor oil was used for both internal and external applications. So it is no wonder that even today there are still numerous areas of application in which castor oil has been able to help.

Use castor oil for eyelashes

If you have problems with your eyelashes, you can also use castor oil here. Many people use castor oil for eyelashes as daily care and thus avoid the use of chemical and unnatural products. The use of castor oil for eyelashes is also unproblematic, as this product is better tolerated and less irritates the skin. It should be used before going to bed so that it can work optimally. Already after only few weeks numerous women reported of a clear improvement and use the products also after the first success regularly further.

Rizinus Oil

Many women, and even men, have either too short eyelashes, gaps in the lash line or too bright eyelashes. No matter which eyelash problem you have, the rizinus oil is the right decision!

How does castor oil work on eyelashes?

Although some experts are of the opinion that eyelash growth, as well as growth and loss of hair, are genetically determined, others say that castor oil can significantly accelerate eyelash growth. However, if one reads the one or other castor oil experience report and looks at pictures of castor oil for eyelashes before and after, it quickly becomes clear that there are in any case some positive changes.

Some women have reported that castor oil makes the eyelashes smoother. They do not break off so quickly, which means that they can grow over a longer period of time and thus become longer overall. Furthermore, the growth of further eyelashes is stimulated. This means that any gaps in the eyelashes are closed and the eyelashes can grow closer together. This fact also contributes to the optimal look of the eyes. So not only the already existing eyelashes grow, but also new eyelashes. Without any additives the eyelashes are cared for from scratch.

The castor oil also makes lashes healthier, which underlines the natural shine. Furthermore, some users have written that the eyelashes have also become somewhat darker, which means that not even the use of eyeliner or mascara were necessary, which of course is also beneficial for the health of the eyelashes. Eyelashes therefore automatically get a healthy colour, a wonderful shine and, due to their length, a natural curl.


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Who should use castor oil for eyelashes?

Anyone who is dissatisfied with their eyelashes should test castor oil for eyelashes and therefore use natural eyelash care instead of chemical products. So you can be sure not to weigh down your body unnecessarily. Women and men with brittle eyelashes finally get eyelashes that are robust and resistant. They do not break off so easily any more and thus become much longer. Castor oil is also suitable for lashes that do not grow densely enough. So for people whose eyelashes have gaps. Since the eyelash growth is stimulated and the eyelashes do not fall out any more, the eyelashes become thicker overall. Of course, this also emphasizes the look enormously and makes it possible that improvements become clearly visible here. In numerous reports it also says that the eyelashes became clearly darker with the castor oil eyelash test. Either only a little mascara is needed or none at all.

By the way, castor oil is not only suitable for eyelashes. Even people who do not have such dense eyebrows or suffer from hair that is much too short, too light or generally fall out quickly can use castor oil for eye use. Here, too, within a few weeks of intensive use, some changes are already visible, all of which were of course positive.

Who should not use castor oil for eyelashes and eyebrows?

Of course, there are also people who should refrain from using castor oil. For example, it is not recommended for pregnant women or nursing mothers. There is no mention of side effects, but manufacturers want and need to protect themselves. There are also people who do not tolerate the oil very well and are allergic to it. Castor oil should of course not be used here either.

Are there any side effects of castor oil for eyelashes that need to be taken into account?

castor oil

As with any other product for external and internal use, there are of course some side effects that can occur with castor oil. However, these are not serious or dangerous side effects. It can happen, for example, that the oil is not tolerated during use. This can lead to skin irritation of the eye or slight itching. In addition, some women have already reported that the eye was slightly swollen. Small pimples have been rare and headaches have not been directly associated with the product.

Where can I buy castor oil for eyelashes?

If you want to buy castor oil, you have a lot of different options. As a rule, this can already be found in the typical drugstore stores. Some, for example, use castor oil from DM or Rossmann. Interested parties can buy the castor oil in the pharmacy or order it there. No miracle, because it ranks still among the medical products, since it contributes also to the better wound healing. Who does not want to leave the house for the purchase, finds the product naturally also in large selection on-line. Many prospective customers buy the castor oil with Amazon or eBay. Here one has the advantage that the selection is substantially larger and also different manufacturer marks are represented. In addition, the oil can be ordered in bottles of different sizes, which also makes sense for many users.

Castor oil eyelashes – what are the advantages?

Castor oil is a very inexpensive product which, in contrast to normal eyelash serum, can save you money. It is used in numerous products in the beauty sector and does an excellent job here. In addition, the oil has been dermatologically tested and the effect on eyelashes has now been confirmed by numerous tests by affected persons. It is much better tolerated than many other chemical products and only a very small amount is needed for daily eyelash care. Thus the castor oil has a very long shelf life.

Steps before application       

Before the castor oil can be applied to the eyelashes, it is important to remove the make-up. Since the oil should be used the evening before going to bed, there should be no residue of mascara or eyeliner. So it is not rare that the eyelashes, which become quite hard due to the mascara, break off overnight. Special cloths can now also be used for removing make-up. For very thin and sensitive eyelashes, however, the use of waterproof mascara should be avoided from the very beginning, as this is less effective and numerous eyelash hairs will break here. This also belongs to the basic care of the eyelashes.

In addition, not only the cleaning on the evening before the castor oil application is very important. Furthermore, the residues of castor oil on the eyelashes and eyebrows should also be removed the next day. However, clear water is sufficient for this.

How is castor oil used?

Anyone who wants to use castor oil for eyelashes in order to achieve a clear improvement should always follow the manufacturer's instructions. The application is very easy and fast. The cleaning already mentioned is important in advance. If you do not have the opportunity to apply castor oil in the evening, you should at least look for a time when the oil can work completely for at least two hours. Then you can wipe off the remains with a damp cloth.

As these are usually small bottles, neither a brush nor a brush is included. For this reason it is advisable to buy a mascara brush with which the oil can be applied afterwards. So the castor oil can be brushed on the eyelashes. An additional brush makes it possible to brush the castor oil onto the eyelashes so that it can also work here. If you don't want to buy both, you can also carefully apply the castor oil with a cloth, making sure that it doesn't lint or get dirty.

It is important to apply the oil once a day for several weeks. Once the desired effect has occurred, the dose can be reduced, although it is recommended to apply twice a week in order to maintain this effect.


Miralash was the test winner in our test reports:

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Buy castor oil – what to consider?

If you want to buy castor oil, you should make sure that it is of good quality. It is best to buy organic castor oil, which has been cold-pressed. These products have considerably more vitamins and nutrients with which you can pamper your body. Refined oil is heated, which destroys many nutrients, so that the body can no longer benefit from them. In the case of cold-pressed oil, the seeds are not heated but merely mechanically processed. This type of production is much more expensive and unfortunately not so productive, which also makes the products more expensive. The effect as well as the compatibility are however substantially better, so that also the higher price is worthwhile.

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Conclusion on the subject of castor oil for eyelashes

If you look around in the world of lash serum, castor oil is one of the most natural methods of supporting lash growth and caring for the lashes and the skin, while the skin is not unnecessarily stressed. Castor oil for eyelashes is also rated with several stars in relevant test forums and online shops such as Amazon and is one of the most popular products. So if you want to have beautiful, thick and long eyelashes and finally fulfil this wish, you should gather your own experience and see whether the first changes occur after four to five weeks.

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