A Review – What are the possible experiences with the Shiseido eyelash serum?

The first contact between two people inevitably causes the gaze to wander to certain parts of the other person's face. The eyes are very popular, not least because of the beautiful eyelashes. If a woman appears mysterious through her long and full eyelashes, according to studies she is much more interesting for many men. Because long and full eyelashes give the lady that certain something and let her shine. If you also wish to have such a look, a suitable eyelash serum could be the solution. However, the market is so flooded with products that you can quickly lose track. In this guide we take a closer look at the Shiseido eyelash serum. 

Shiseido eyelash serum

The Shiseido Full Lash Volume lash serum not only gives the lashes a fuller appearance, but is also intended to make a difference in terms of length. Of course we would like to check this and take a closer look at the ingredients below and explain how to use it easily. We will also discuss why you should be careful when choosing the right eyelash serum.


When could Shiseido lash serum be the solution for you?

Think about your morning routine. What do you first look out for when you look in the mirror? Possibly your eyes? Your actually much too short and sparse eyelashes? Are you perhaps even ashamed of that and paste them with care and beauty products to give the impression that they are fuller? Of course, there are many products on the market that can simulate this effect. 


But what happens when someone looks behind your façade and realizes that you only have light eyelashes? It's best not to take this risk in the first place. If you use an effective eyelash serum, you can easily avoid this nakedness. But you should also find the right one. In any case, it is important that you use it consistently in order to achieve an effective effect. Good serums consist of natural ingredients and have a gentle effect on the eyelashes. Even spectacle or contact lens wearers have no problems with these. So if you want to change something about this condition, the Shiseido eyelash serum might be a solution for you.

Why do eyelashes fall out?

Surely you've asked yourself before how it can happen that eyelashes fall out in such high numbers that it's visually noticeable. Similar to hair growth, different factors are responsible for this. The following causes can be narrowed down:

  • You expose yourself to too much stress
  • You're suffering from an unrecognized vitamin or mineral deficiency.
  • You subconsciously submit to unfavorable environmental conditions every day.
  • You have hormone fluctuations.

Especially the latter is a big problem for women, they do not even have to be in the menopause. Even at a younger age, they lose their eyelashes when their hormone balance starts to spin again. A further point why eyelashes fall out is a corresponding inheritance. Did your mother perhaps already suffer from sparse eyelashes? Then it could well be that you inherited this from her. As a rule, however, the eyelashes are often not supplied with the necessary nutrients, which then leads to death and fall out. And since eyelashes are not really necessary for general survival, they do not always lag behind.

What role does the eyelash serum play?

A lash serum starts where the regular diet or the general lifestyle fails: It provides the lashes with the necessary nutrients without detours and thus ensures that the lashes can grow back again. Here is a brief explanation: Each eyelash is located in a follicle. This is both responsible for how long the lashes become and how dense. Experience has shown that it is normal for eyelashes to fall out every now and then. However, if the measure exceeds a certain number per day, the eyelashes appear weak and barren. This is often because the follicles do not contain the necessary substances, which in turn cause lashes to grow. The eyelash serum prevents this undersupply, strengthens the follicles and virtually eliminates the root of the problem. In addition, an eyelash serum can lead to eyelashes having a longer lifetime and thus growing back thicker. That is the whole secret!


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What are the ingredients of Shiseido Eyelash Serum?

Shiseido's Full Lash Eyelash Serum works with an exclusively developed active ingredient to regrow lashes:

  • Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract
  • Moisturizing active ingredients
  • Amino acid L-Arginine

Zizyphus Jujuba Fruit Extract optimizes the condition of every eyelash and makes it powerful, thicker and longer. In addition, the eyelash growth is driven so that they grow back more quickly. In addition, moisturizing ingredients are incorporated into the serum, which can last for up to four hours. The active ingredient concept is rounded off by the amino acid L-Arginine. It is known for strengthening the immune system. This is also important to strengthen the function of the mentioned follicles and can therefore influence the growth sustainably.

How is Shiseido eyelash serum used correctly?

For a good effect it is of course important that the eyelash serum is used correctly. With this product it is necessary to clean the face first as you are used to it. The serum with the integrated brush is then applied to the lash base as well as the lash lengths. In the morning and in the evening. By the way: The eyelashes can also be treated during application. This also gives them a fuller appearance and adds to the enchanting look of the wearer.

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Shiseido eyelash serum tested – Does it really help?

Even if the effect is always found to be very positive, a test is always helpful before considering a purchase. If used consistently, the first results will appear after about three weeks. However, the results are different from those predicted by the manufacturer. Both the volume and the length of the eyelashes should be influenced. What could be determined in a test, was in each case that the eyelashes appear denser. However, the length has not changed noticeably. As a result, many users have mixed ratings. The question here is also: What do you expect from such a product? If, for example, you are aiming to make your eyelashes thicker, you will probably have a good experience with this product. The manufacturer's promises, on the other hand, are only partially true, which should not be forgotten. However, there has been repeated praise for the fact that the serum is unproblematic for contact lens wearers, which is a major problem with many other products, as the serum can lead to considerable burning and itching of the eyes. However, this was not found with the Alverde eyelash serum.

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Why price comparison is so important

Usually a good eyelash serum is not exactly cheap. It does not have to be overly expensive. Therefore, a price comparison is the first way to find the best value for money. The Shiseido Full Lash lash serum is by nature not immensely expensive. Nevertheless, a price comparison is always recommended. What hardly anyone pays attention to is the authenticity of the product. This can be quickly forgotten when comparing prices. At the latest when the product is available at a real bargain price. The Internet is a blessing in this respect, but also a curse. Some goods are sold here that contain substances similar to the original, but do not have the same effect. And in some cases they also promote side effects that can be fatal. Therefore, caution is always advised with any purchase, whether via Amazon or another supplier.Shiseido serum


Shiseido Eyelash Serum – A Conclusion

The eyelashes are often the first thing on the body that does not receive enough nutrients. Similar to the hair on the head, follicles are also responsible for the growth here. The Schrofner eyelash serum can help when it comes to deficiency. However, the test also showed that the product has an increased density rather than an amazing length. Nevertheless, for many users it can be a solution if they are looking for an effective eyelash serum. The ratings are generally good. The manufacturer has also confirmed that 81 percent of women notice longer eyelashes, while 86 percent notice fuller eyebrows. This was based on a 16 week test with 100 women. Eyelashes and eyebrow hair are effectively regenerated and hydrated. The eyelash serum is worth a try in any case, as it has a good price-performance ratio anyway. – As long as you choose the original!

The best
Eyelash serum:

strong lash serum
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In our eyelash serum test we have tested the Miralash eyelash serum and can definitely recommend it.

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