Our test procedure – How we test the individual products

Again and again, our team tests different products from the beauty sector to find out whether the individual articles really deliver what they promise. We check them in many different areas and always proceed in the same or very similar way. So that our readers know exactly how our test results come about, we would like to introduce our test procedure in more detail below.


Step 1 -> the selection of the right products

Of course we want to meet the interests of the different target groups. For this reason, we always look at current trends and decide together as a team in which product area a test of the individual articles would really make sense. Furthermore, we also take the wishes of our readers to heart, which can be forwarded to us by e-mail.


Step 2 -> Procurement of test products

Once we have decided on a product area, we can order various articles from this area. We usually order the various test products through retail stores or online shops. However, we do not buy several identical products, but always a multitude of different products from the same area, but from different manufacturer brands. Only in this way is it possible for us to compare them with each other in order to be able to offer real tests. However, we deliberately refrain from using samples from manufacturers who want to influence rankings or expect positive evaluations.


Step 3 -> We find out more information about the products

Before we start testing ourselves, we take a look at the respective ingredients and collect them. Of course we also want to inform our readers about them. This also concerns the side effects, which we publish with every guidebook. These we collect partly in the net and from numerous evaluations and test reports, since it occurs naturally again and again that side effects did not occur with our testers, with other humans however already.


Step 4 -> What exactly do we want to test?

We always ask ourselves what exactly can be tested with the individual products. We then decide together which test data we can collect ourselves during the test period and how the testers should proceed explicitly. Effect, application, compatibility are for example some of these data, which are important for us with all products from the Beauty range.


Step 5 -> We test the individual products

The actual test is of course the heart of our work. We always take a lot of time for the tests, because with numerous products from the beauty industry it can simply take a few weeks to see the first successes and you should never give up too early. We test the products exactly according to the application specifications of the individual manufacturers.


Step 6 -> We discuss the received data

After an extensive test phase we meet again so that we can collect the individual data and compare them with each other. Thus, the first results in terms of quality, effect, price-performance and Co. can already be compiled. By comparing the individual products it is also possible for us to give our readers a recommendation regarding individual articles.


Step 7 -> We publish the results

Finally, it is time to record the results received in detail and publish them. For this purpose, all data is passed on from the testers to our copywriters, who now summarize everything in a detailed guide. We always publish one article per product. That means that we always have to offer numerous councellors from a product range and our readers get now the possibility to inform themselves directly to different products from this range and to find the variation suitable for itself.


Please note: Of course we test the individual products with the best conscience and honestly pass this experience on to our readers. However, the individual test results are not generally valid or undoubtedly correct. This means that everyone reacts individually to the individual products, including our testers. We only collect our own impressions and summarize them in a guidebook. Of course, we proceed objectively and also draw on the experience reports of other test persons from the Internet. This is especially true in the area of side effects.


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