Eyelash-Extensions: 7 reasons to decide against it

I admit it: I have always wished for long, thick and dark eyelashes. But somehow girls with false eyelashes were always the ones for me who also do spray tanning, have artificial nails glued to them and do Brazilian waxing.

In short: eyelash extensions don't really suit me. Nevertheless, I couldn't let myself get away with having permanent eyelash extensions stuck to me once in my life. And I learned from that…

1 Everyone has an opinion about “fake lashes”: Of course, the eyelashes attract attention (although I hadn't even decided on the “drama” variant). I often heard positive comments. But more often: “Artificial” was one of the nicer names for my eyelashes.

2. the beauty virginity is taken away from you: Already before my false eyelashes I knew: If I dare this step, I will never be happy again with my own hairs. Too little, too short, not dark enough. With artificial eyelashes I really noticed how inadequate my own eyelashes actually are. After my extensions were completely gone after a few months, I had to get used to my own eyelashes again.

3. the neck not fully get: If I can make such great artificial eyelashes, then perhaps I can also have beautiful artificial nails made? And what about my hair on my head? They could be even longer? And, and, and…who ever starts to artificially embellish himself – no matter how natural – wants more!

4. big eyelashes bring big responsibility: Tomorrow first of all rub the eyes overslept, put the contact lenses simply into the eyes or wash the face? Not with eyelash extensions. Any rubbing or washing will cause the artificial hairs to fall out.

5. in-the-mirror-guck-syndrome: Maybe not everyone gets that way, but I noticed that my artificial eyelashes made me look in the mirror at every opportunity. Of course, the change is enormous. But all the Selfies were a bit embarrassing in retrospect.

6. the last survivors: Eyelash extensions are great at first. And then quite terrible. As soon as the glue comes off after a few weeks, the first eyelashes fall out. For me the starting signal to fumble around with the last surviving eyelashes and to pluck out the last hairs. Not without tearing a few of my own eyelashes to my death. And so I looked unfortunately afterwards also around the eyes: somewhat plucked.

7. the price is hot: if you decide for artificial eyelashes like me, you have to reach deep into your pocket. An initial treatment costs around 300 euros. Afterwards the eyelashes have to be glued again and again. This also makes the wallet around 150 euros easier. An investment that should be well considered.

Anyone who now says: “But I think my eyelash extensions are really great is certainly not wrong. Probably permanent artificial eyelashes are a matter of type. For some, they fit perfectly. For me, the experiment of eyelash extensions started at the back.

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