Vaseline for the eyelashes

Not only with flirting a skilful look at the eyes works wonders. It can also be helpful in numerous everyday situations to support facial expressions with an expressive look. But the magic look only works if the beautiful eyes are framed by a neat, dense lash line. Unfortunately, not every woman is equipped with long, thick eyelashes.

In a completely natural way, the hairs around the eye can be stimulated to grow with a household remedy. Castor oil and VASELINE are best known for the care of eyelashes. It is not possible to grow eyelashes to infinity with the help of Vaseline, but by strengthening the small hairs, eyelash loss is prevented.

Vaseline is so popular not least because it is inexpensive to buy. Moreover, no fragrances have been added to pure petroleum jelly. White paste is preferable to yellow paste as it is of higher quality. It has been almost completely freed from unwanted polycyclic hydrocarbons.


Vaseline is a paste whose raw materials are left over from oil production and are processed. It consists of solid and liquid hydrocarbons and has an ointment-like consistency. The white paste is often used as a household remedy for long eyelashes:

  • Because Vaseline wraps itself around every single hair like a film, it strengthens the delicate lash hairs.
  • Despite daily make-up with mascara, vaseline hair does not fall out as quickly and therefore has longer time to grow.
  • The eyelashes become longer and thicker.
  • In addition, the greasy Vaseline moisturizes the lashes.
  • The before and after effect cannot be overlooked when using Vaseline.


With Vaseline eyelashes can maintain anyone. There are two different variants available:


In the evening, apply some Vaseline to a cotton wool pad to remove make-up from the eyes.

Carefully rub the greased pad over your make-up eyelashes without applying pressure. The white paste removes the mascara from the fine lash hairs.

Repeat the process until the cotton pad is no longer discoloured after cleaning the eyelashes. Then you have freed the small hairs around the eye from all ink residues.

At the same time, the Vaseline leaves a wafer-thin film on each individual lash, which helps to strengthen the fine hair.

After removing the make-up, a cotton swab is dipped into the vaseline potty.

Then the excess paste must first be spread on the edge of the pot and then again on an absorbent paper handkerchief.

Then the greased cotton swab can be rubbed over the eyelashes as if it were an eyelash brush for mascara.

Both the upper and lower eyelashes are treated with Vaseline.

If anything of the greasy paste has caught your eye, it should be rinsed out immediately with plenty of cold water. Vaseline, which gets onto the skin around the eye, can be wiped off with a cosmetic tissue or a cotton cloth.


In addition to Vaseline, there are other household remedies that are used for eyelash care and to increase eyelash growth:

RIZINUS OIL: The oil from the seeds of the miracle tree promotes lash growth and ensures long, thick lashes. Find out how to treat your eyelashes with castor oil here: CASTOR OIL FOR THE EYELASHES

MANDELÖL: High-quality almond oil can be purchased in pharmacies. It supplies the fine hairs around the eye with vitamins and minerals. Read more about it on the page: MANDELÖL FÜR DIE WIMPERN (MANDEL OIL FOR THE EYES)

OLIVE OIL: Olive oil also has numerous nutrients to offer the eyelashes. In addition, it provides a beautiful shine. It can either be applied with a cotton swab or it can be mixed into the mascara and so automatically cares for the hairs of the eyelashes with every eye make-up.


Vaseline is not only used for the care of the eyelashes. The neutral paste also serves as a basis for creams and ointments. Both the cosmetics industry and the pharmaceutical industry use it as a base material. Vaseline makes brittle lips soft and supple and transforms rough working hands into tender hands. In very cold weather, it is applied to the face to protect the skin.

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