With these unusual tricks your eyelashes grow faster

Long eyelashes and a sexy look – that's what many women want. We have the best tips to help you grow your hair faster.

1. The right care

It sounds so banal and yet it is the be-all and end-all for long eyelashes: the right care. Thick layers of mascara and the removal of make-up in the evening put a heavy strain on the eyelashes. This leads to the small hairs breaking off faster than we can react. Normally eyelashes can be up to twelve millimeters long. But in the rarest of cases they actually reach this length. It is often the beauty routine that is to blame. Therefore: Always be very careful when removing make-up and do not rub your eyes too hard. It is better to gently brush in one direction with a cotton pad. Then spread some vaseline, olive oil or eye serum over the eyelashes. This makes them soft, elastic and protects them from breaking off.

2. Eyelid massages work wonders

What we have known for a long time about the splendour of our hair on our heads also works on our eyelashes: we are talking about a massage. Regular massages on the scalp are supposed to stimulate the blood circulation and thus guarantee a better nutrient supply for the hair follicles. The same applies to the eyelashes. So if you want to cheat yourself a few millimetres, you should (very carefully and with shortened fingernails!) gently massage the base of the lashes. If you repeat this regularly, you will notice changes after a few weeks. The hair should not only grow back faster, but also stronger. In order to support the nurturing effect, you can apply a few drops of oil to your fingertips beforehand.

3. Olive oil for more length

Olive oil on the eyelashes? What sounds like a fat film, fly legs, eyelashes and glued eyelids is actually a real insider tip for long eyelashes. Apply a few drops to an eyelash brush and apply to the hair every evening before going to bed. If there is still a thin film of fat the next morning, dab it off with a cotton pad and some cleaning fluid. After about six weeks the first results are visible. By the way: By the daily application the oil “colors” the hair even darker. An extra plus.

4. Green tea for more eyelashes

We have often reported about the many health-promoting ingredients of green tea. The hot drink also plays an important role in beauty. It is especially helpful for those who want thicker and stronger eyelashes. The contained flavonoids and tannins strongly stimulate hair growth. Put on a green tea, let it steep for at least 15 minutes and wait until it has cooled down. Take up the liquid with a cotton pad, wipe over the eyelashes and rinse with cold water. Repeat this procedure for several months until the desired effect is achieved.

5. Serum for wow eyelashes

They are probably the discovery of the century for all fans of full, long and sweeping eyelashes: eyelashes. The various products have suddenly appeared on the market, especially in the last two years, promising successes of up to three extra millimetres. We have already confirmed in several editorial tests that there is a lot of truth in this. So if you want to be sure that you will get much longer and thicker eyelashes, you should take a serum. By the way, you can see the best success after about six weeks.

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